How to develop Effective Communication Skills

Good communication skills are the key to success. Regardless of your education level, of your IQ or of other abilities you might possess, communication skills are vital for our well-being and for the way in which we integrate in society. Making and keeping friends, a successful relationship, healthy work relations, are all things on which our communication skills have a direct influence.

You’d think that since we’ve communicated for our entire life we’d be perfect at it, but the truth is that many people lack effective communicating skills. Rest assured however, training your skills in order to communicate more efficiently is not as hard as you might think. It’s all about will power, paying attention to details, and attitude. If you don’t believe us, we’ve prepared a few tips that might just be of help:

1. Look pleased to see them! When you see someone you know, always smile. Smiling implies that you’re relaxed and happy to see them, and will make them feel at ease around you. Make sure that your smile looks real, however, and greet them with enthusiasm.

2. Be a good listener! Listen to what they have to say while making eye contact. Don’t look at your phone, watch, TV , or other people – that would make them feel like you’re bored and uninterested. Control your facial expression, body posture and tone of voice, and show empathy.

3. Open up!  Sharing things about yourself will build trust. It shows you trust the person, and he will feel compelled to trust you as well. Don’t share too much, however. Generally focus on small things that happened lately, or things from your childhood. Preferably something he can relate to.

4. Show interest in their person! Don’t hesitate to tell them how much you admire a certain something about them. That will help them feel more self-confident and they will remember it was you who made them feel that way. Ask them about their interests, and don’t express strong disapproval to anything they might enjoy.