How To Communicate Efficiently in The Workplace

Learning how to communicate efficiently in the workplace can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. For starters, your chances of being misunderstood drop. That means fewer workplace conflicts and less time wasted explaining what you meant. Here are six tips that will help you communicate efficiently:

1. Be concise! Your message needs to be to the point, and very clear. The more words you use, the more chances someone misinterprets what you said.

2. Be patient! People are different, and they respond better to some styles of communications over others. That means communicating efficiently can sometimes be tougher than you think. This is why you need to be patient, with others and with yourself. Try to change the way in which you’re explaining your message to the person you’re talking to. Be aware that the problem might be on your end and not on his.

3. Don’t beat around the bush! The most important part of your message should be the beginning. That will get the attention of whom you’re talking to.

4. Pay attention! Communicating efficiently is not only about expressing yourself clearly, it’s also about being a good listener. All people want to feel listen to – look them straight in the eyes and not out the window, and maintain a respectful body posture.

5. Learn body language! Body language is the most important ‘foreign’ language you need to know. Our bodies tell much more than what our mouth does, and many times the message is different. So pay attention to both yours and the other person’s body language while communicating.

6. Don’t gossip!  Gossipers aren’t considered very trustworthy. A general tip would be to keep an open mind and not judge. People are different and you need to understand and respect that. If you have a problem with someone, try bringing it up with him and see if you can solve your conflict. Even if you don’t, you will still understand their point of view better.