Google Case Study

This search engine turned global game-changer understands that for every empire that rises, another falls. As they continue to grow in more unpredictable and life-altering ways, other companies will either find a way to compete or bow out. Larry Page and Sergey Brin haven’t forgotten their roots, however, and know that somewhere in the world, future innovators are pouring their morning coffee, dreaming of the next big thing, or even playing with their parents’ tablet. The leadership and loyal ranks of Google represent one of the most concentrated groups of intellectual talent and creative energy in the world, but they never discount the element of luck. They were lucky to have reached such great heights – countless things could have tripped them up in the past, and as their project become bolder and more high-stakes, they could still trip up in the future.

That is why the company remains so firm in its vision, so passionate in its development, and so active in dozens of industries around the world. Google isn’t ready to get comfortable and rest on its laurels, of which there are many. Like a search engine shark, it must either move forward or die. That being said, given the growth factors that Google demonstrates in everything they do, from customer interaction to hiring practices, they show no signs of stopping or reaching a point of obsolescence for many years to come.

Google has become a part of our lives, a go-to when we’re stumped about…anything, and a reliable provider of more novelties and services than we even realize. It has not only grown in size, but also in significance, and that is where the long-lasting value lies. If Google disappeared from the world today, competitors would rise to fill those market gaps, many of which Google created and filled simultaneously, but it would never be the same.

Just as a country can’t be wiped off the map, neither can Google. Branding wars can be fought, digital arms races can escalate, but the impact of a company that injects itself so comprehensively and beneficially into global culture can never be erased. As long as the company continues to protect its borders, while still expanding into the uncharted future, then it will continue to be an essential part of our global conscience.

If you don’t believe me…just Google it.

(This in an excerpt from the Book How Google Did It)