Dick Costolo, COO of Twitter, facts 2014

The challenges of growing an organization so quickly are so numerous. Growing big is not success, in itself. Success to us means meeting our potential as a profitable company that can retain its culture and user focus while having a positive impact on the world.

It was only a little over a 5 years ago that Costolo joined Twitter as COO. Previously, he had been at Google after the search giant bought his company FeedBurner back in 2007. While he clearly didn’t need the money, Costolo noted that he was joining Twitter because he thought the company had the opportunity to become one of the big world-changing companies. Now he has the chance to lead it.

As COO, Costolo has been integral in Twitter’s attempt to make money. Efforts to do just that seem to ramp up everyday. And Costolo has been able to help Twitter bring aboard an impressive roster of talent. He mentions Ali Rowghani, Adam Bain, Mike Abbott, Katie Stanton and Kevin Thau. All but Thau came aboard after Costolo.

Costolo has been a CEO three times before in his career, so he’s confident the transition will be a smooth one. Of course, this is also the second CEO change for Twitter as Williams himself took over from creator Jack Dorsey almost exactly two years ago.
Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, is trying to attract more users in 2014, saying he wants to make social networking easier to use, improve messaging service and work with developers of mobile applications to expand the services offered by the company.

Sales have doubled in July compared with the third quarter of last year, reaching 361.2 million dollars. Revenue surpassed analyst estimates surveyed by Bloomberg, who anticipated sales of $ 351 million for the third quarter.
Revenues from advertising on mobile platforms accounted for 85% of total advertising revenues recorded by Twitter in the third quarter.

Twitter estimates in 2014 for fourth-quarter revenue of between 440 and 450 million dollars.
It’s a great addition by Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo.  But let’s be clear: there’s still enormous pressure on Costolo between now and the end of the year to prove that he’s really got a firm hand on the wheel at Twitter.