Get Crash MBA

Most businesses fail within their first two years or quickly reach a point where further growth is impossible.

To compete in a volatile and dynamic corporate landscape, business leaders must invest in continuous learning for themselves and their employees, in order to ensure that their company is able to stay ahead of the curve, responding to – or even preempting – changes in the market quickly and effectively.

This business program provides your organisation and your team with cutting-edge, instantly accessible strategies that have been tested and proven in the modern business arena. Our lean, goal-oriented courses and training materials are streamlined to provide a fast-track to success, while their format allows for instant adjustment, maximizing their value as they will always reflect any new developments within the ever-changing world of business.

We will work with you to understand your emerging needs and strategic organizational objectives. Based on this in-depth assessment, we will design a highly effective, fully-customized, innovative workplace learning strategy that will not only meet your needs, but will exceed your expectations. We will assist you in implementing an effective training model within your organization.

Benefits you will enjoy:

· A unique, new development and learning initiative for your organization

· A bespoke learning solution based on your individual business needs and organizational challenges

· A comprehensive training program, personalized to your employees requirements

· A boost in the innovation, knowledge and learning capacity of your employees

· Courses focusing on a wide range of topics

· An affordable, cost-effective, and good value solution

· Training delivered at your premises or a preferred location of choice

Why should you book this program?

This is a three-day intensive business development program designed to engage your entire team. We offer an unparalleled opportunity to augment the knowledge and performance of your entire organization. Working through the coursework together, your team will be immediately equipped to apply the curriculum throughout all levels of your company structure.

For many professionals, enrollment in an MBA programme is no longer the most practical route to furthering career goals. Not only does it entail massive cost and ongoing debt, but the fast-moving nature of modern business has rendered large swathes of the traditional curricula almost irrelevant. We offer an alternative to the traditional pathways of business learning.

Our course draws on ongoing and extensive research into the way successful businesses are operated today. We skip the filler and teach an adaptive core curriculum, blending theory and praxis to help you quickly develop new skillsets that you can immediately apply. We have kept the program lean and focused, and it is a simple matter for us to update our coursework as our research dictates. If you don’t have the time or resources to sink into earning your MBA the traditional way, our programme is guaranteed to help level the playing field. Dollar for Dollar, our two-day programme is far better value for the time invested. In just three days, we provide you with skills and knowledge that it would take you months to learn in an MBA program.



Introduction: What is a Business?

Foundations of a Sound Business

· Supportive Mindset (Team Focus, Leading from the Middle)

· Culture and Environment (Modern Business Design)

· Dedication (Long-term investment in an industry)

· Strategy (Making the Right Moves – elcective module)

· Leadership (Strong, Visionary, Adaptive Leaders)

· Progress/Creativity (Constant Cutting-Edge Style)

DAY 2: Knowledge Components of a Business

· Value Creation

· Marketing (Creating the Demand)

· Sales (Providing the Supply)

· Value Delivery (Keep the People Happy)

· Innovation (Putting Your Finger on the Pulse of Cultural Evolution)

· Community Construction (Giving Back to the People)

DAY 3: Weapons of a Business Professional

· Positive Attitude

· Networking (Making Your Presence Known)

· Hunger for Knowledge/Tuned In (Paying Attention to the World)

· Forward-Thinking (Vision for the Future)

· Patience and Recovery (Not Giving Up, Crossing Market Lines)

· Work/Life Balance (Remaining Human and Accessible)

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