What is big data?

This concept refers to the accumulation of data in bulk. In products, it is known as mass data and large-scale data. The discipline that deals with massive data is embedded within the information technology and communication industry. It is responsible for all matters relating to systems handling large datasets. Problems that may exist on this system are focused on the capture, management and visualization of this data. Usually this happens when the data derived from a given analysis is accumulated on a large set of related data, such as in business analysis or the ongoing fight against organized crime.

Not only is there a lot of information to manage and process nowadays, but there is also great variety of data that can be represented in different ways on different devices such as mobile devices, audio, video, digital sensors, GPS etc. These devices can measure and communicate the position, motion, vibration, temperature, etc. These are essential features to develop a system of big data. It is essential to be clear that conventional data are a vital part to make an analytical analysis and this is seen most clearly when is used in conjunction with Big Data platform.

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9 TOP Free Productivity Apps For Iphone and Android

With hectic schedules it has become increasingly difficult to prioritize and plan work and schedule. In recent times, all of us are surrounded by technology and numerous solutions that open the opportunity to increase productivity if used smartly. There are several productivity mobile applications that are designed specifically to address this purpose.

Here in this article, we will discuss nine free productivity apps for iPhone or Android everybody should use:


It is an advanced calendar applications to keep track of meetings, events and keep your work on schedule. It has the feature to integrate with Google Maps to attach locations with your calendar entries. This app is easy to use and visually attractive and helps you to see and plan your day to day activities in an effective way.


It is a To-Do application with option to create several lists under work, shopping, etc. and is highly user friendly to use and help in improving productivity. The items on the list, once completed can be swiped off the list in one go and to mail your list simply shake your iPhone.


This app allows its user to save the articles, web-pages and videos, etc. to see, read or view later in their own time. It is a tool which lets you bookmark the pages which can be synchronized to be viewed on various devices.


This app lets its users to sync data of up to 5 GB and access, share and edit content with peers while collaborating to work on same project or document. Updates can be synchronized and viewed instantly after being shared.


It is a mind-mapping tool which lets you organize your thoughts and ideas in an organized, pictorial and graphic manner. This app has the potential to improve your productivity while being effective in portraying your ideas and thinking process in pictorial mode.


This application lets the iPhone users to manage their mail inbox and remove all the unnecessary emails which need to be deleted and keep only the mails which are useful to you. It also lets you create labels to keep mails under different heads in separate places and view them conveniently.


It is a sketching application which lets to draw down your ideas on your iPhone screen which can be saved in picture format or in pdf format. You can draw with the help of your finger and scale up and down the screen size to add details.


Those who forget to complete the tasks even when they note them down on to-do lists. This app is the solution to this problem by sending you reminders based on the time and location set for the task. These reminders can be saved, repeated and put on snooze and can be set for multiple times and days as well.


This app is a godsend for those who find it difficult to remember all their passwords for different email accounts, computer log-in, bank accounts, secure notes, licenses, passports, etc. It is a secure app which saves your passwords providing you the freedom to choose different passwords for each of your account and you can rely on this app to keep your passwords safe for you.

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10 Best Free Apps for Iphone

With more than 1 million apps available for download through iTunes, it can be a daunting to determine which ones are worth your time and money. So, here’s our list of recommendations — a selection of 10 free apps that are worth the time you’ll spend downloading them. Not satisfied with our list? Feel free to share other suggestions.

1. BillGuard allows users to connect their bank and credit card accounts to the app in order to track and their spending AND protect you from fraud and unfair charges. BillGuard uses a combination of predictive algorithms and crowd-sourced data from BillGuard users to spot suspicious activity and unfair or dubious charges. If found, the app flags the charges and notifies the user.

2. Mailbox is a slick email tool for blasting through your Gmail and iCloud inboxes. Mailbox particularly excels with its minimalist interface that’s all about quickly scanning through messages and conversations, and then swiping your emails into archives or trash.

3. Lumosity combines cognitive science techniques from the Human Cognition Project with a gamified approach to provide users with brain-training mini-games that are fun and effective at exercising your mental muscles. Users create a Lumosity account and then select particular mental faculties that they want to exercise. Lumosity then creates customized daily exercise routines with mini-games built around those particular skills.

4. Ingress is a massive multiplayer augmented reality game, and the playing field is the world itself. Developed by Google’s Niantic Labs, players take the role of members of rival secret societies fighting for control of a mysterious energy source called “exotic matter” or “XM”.

5. IFTTT employs a wide variety of triggers and actions ranging from websites, apps, to even other devices and peripherals. You can even browse through other people’s trending and featured recipes, as well as themed collections and all-time favorites that you can install or modify.

6. “GT Racing 2” is a full on broadside against Real Racing’s dominance in the realistic driving simulator field. Billed as “The Real Car Experience”, “GT Racing 2” features more than 60 licensed cars that you can race on 13 tracks.

7. Brewster consolidates your phone and social network contacts together into a convenient contacts central app. Incorporating data from Contacts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Foursquare and Instagram, Brewster builds a consolidated address book filled with not only phone numbers but emails, social network contacts, and other info.

8. WhatsApp is free to use for the first year, with a cost of $0.99 per year. The basic ease of use, wealth of features and ballooning user base of more than 450 million people explains why Facebook was willing to pay $19 billion to acquire it.

9. QuizUp features a sharp, polished interface, a wide variety of trivia question categories, and a diverse following of gamers to play against worldwide. Simply choose a category you want to compete in, and the app quickly matches you up against gamers worldwide.

10. Camera Awesome is an feature-packed camera app that comes loaded with tools to help you take the best photos you can. Composition guides, exposure adjustment and focus tools let you make the most out of your snapshots, while an auto-awesomize feature lets you do one-touch improvements to your images.

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What Is the Internet of Things

This is a concept that is used daily in the world of technology, but not everyone really knows what that term means. Basically this idea is about the digital interconnection of everyday objects with the Internet. In case that everyday objects had identifiers such as radio labels, they could be identified and managed by other equipment, just as it is done by humans. For example, if books, kits, lamps, among other items, were connected to the Internet and equipped with identification devices, surely there would be nothing out of stock, and we would know exactly where these articles can be found, how and where people purchase and consume these and other products around the world.

This idea was created in 1999 by Kevin Ashton, through research in the field of RFID and sensor technology. Currently there are various devices connected to the Internet, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and even televisions. But in the world there are a huge number of objects with which we interact daily. The aim, through the internet of things, is to achieve global connectivity with these objects through the Internet and can manage them using a given device. It is expected that by 2020 there could be about 26 billion objects connected through this system.

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Best Tablet PCs on the Market Today

If you are looking for a tablet, analysts have compiled a top ten best products in this range in 2014.

Among them, we find the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad Air. Choosing a tablet is a difficult one for users, but it must be made according to personal preferences and needs related to size, screen resolution, processor power and battery life.

10. Advent Vega Tegra Note 7

Advent Vega Tegra Notes 7 is one of the best Android tablets on the market, the screen of 7 inches and has an affordable price (129 pounds).

Its resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels and is sufficient for gamers or for viewing photos and movies.

9. Google Nexus 10

Although the model appeared in 2012, the Google Nexus 10 remains in the world ranking. It has a 10-inch large screen, a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels performance, with more pixels than the iPad 4.

8. Sony Xperia Tablet Z2

With a new design, the tablet is thinner and lighter, with a build quality and a powerful processor Sanpdragon 801.

Xperia Tablet Z2 is among the best on the market due to the CPU power, long battery life, software top (399 pounds).

7. Samsung Galaxy TabPro 8.4

The tablet is only 7.2 mm thick, 8.4-inch screen and weighs 331 grams. It was launched in 2014, part of the Samsung Galaxy range TabPro.

It has an outstanding resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels and a powerful processor 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 with 2 GB of RAM (349 pounds).

6. LG G Pad 8.3

If you want a decent tablet that can be held in one hand without problems and who have Android, LG G Pad may be the best choice.

It has a 8.3 inch screen, Android system has a resolution of 1200 x 1920 pixels, was launched in 2013 and has an affordable price (199 pounds).

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

It’s a very good tablet that can replace a laptop. It has a super-high resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels and includes stylus, known as the S Pen.

4. S Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 / 10.5

It is thinner and comes with a screen of 10.5 inches AMOLED model. It has an intelligent software, one of the most powerful tablets on the market.

Beautiful design, high power processor, fingerprint scanner are some strong specs. It has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels (319 pounds – 8.4, 399 pounds – 10.5).

3. Nexus 7

Nexus 7 on Google Android remained the top device with an affordable price (170 pounds). It has a 7-inch screen and a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels.

2. Apple iPad mini

IPad Mini with Retina display is one of the best tablets on the market. It has a screen of 7.9 inches and a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.

1. Apple iPad Air

IPad Air is kind of iPad 5. But this version is lighter and thinner, but keeps the 9.7-inch screen.

It is considered the best tablet today due to its performance and applications (339 pounds).

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