Why Study a part-time MBA

There are many of people whom, for one reason or another, are unwilling or unable to pay out the fees in advance of a full-time MBA course. For those, remaining in the workplace is the only viable option.

Nowadays the best business schools are offering very well-organized part-time MBA courses which provide alumni with the same qualification as a full-time MBA degree.

In the modern economic sector, the part-time option has seen an increase in interest, according to QS research. After all, not everyone either wants to or is able to leave their secure employment at this time, as the risks involved are quite clear.

Professor Susan Miller, MBA academic director at Hull University Business School, says: “In the current climate, many people who are in employment are not prepared for the insecurity of quitting their job for a qualification which, although internationally recognized as enhancing career options, has no concrete employment at the end.”

To cater for this, the best business schools now have very interesting part-time MBA courses.
These can take place after work, at weekends, during holiday periods, and are extremely demanding on the student. After all, balancing the rigors of a full-time job, family, and social life are quite enough for most people, so adding a very demanding MBA degree on top is a big challenge.

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MBA Scholarships in 2014

Now days, a degree in management has become an important part of career growth. As the management education is most desirous worldwide, it’s the dream course for which various students plan. As, some aspirants are unable to fulfill the financial requirements for this degree program. Today, many universities and organizations provide various scholarships to encourage capable, brilliant and needy students to make them masters in Business Management.

Explore the universities below for MBA scholarships and financial aids.

MBA Scholarships for Domestic and International Students in Australia
University of Queensland Business School is offering MBA scholarships for domestic and international students in January 2015. Scholarships include a 25% tuition-fee waiver to outstanding students commencing the full-time (12 month) MBA program as defined by the UQ Business School. International students may also be eligible for an additional reimbursement of up to AUD$3,000 to cover travel expenses. The application deadline is 30th November.

University of Roehampton Online Competition for Masters Program in UK
Applications are invited for University of Roehampton Online Competition available for pursuing one of the 13 fully online masters degree programmes. Through this competition student gets a chance to win a free module within one of 13 online masters programs. The lucky winners will receive a tuition fee waiver for their second programme module, valued at US $1,111. The deadline for completing all competition components is November 6, 2014 if applicant wish to start the course on November 13, 2014.

University of Auckland International Business Masters Scholarships in New Zealand
University of Auckland Business School is inviting applications for MBA Scholarship for international students to study in New Zealand. One or more scholarships will be awarded for a period of up to one year and each will be of the value of up to $30,000. The basis of selection will be academic merit. Application deadline is 15th January 2015.

HBS MBA Scholarship for International Students in USA
Applications are invited for HBS fellowships available for international students to study MBA program. Nearly 50% of the class receives an average of approximately $32,000 per year in need-based HBS Fellowships. HBS Fellowships will fund your financial need (as determined by MBA Financial Aid Services) beyond the base loan package and your student contribution.

Henley Business School and Ticketmaster UK MBA Scholarship for International Students
Henley Business School and Ticketmaster UK scholarship is available for UK and international students to study MBA program. The Scholarship will award one applicant a fully-funded place worth £24,500. Scholarship will be awarded to study MBA for the Music and Creative Industries commencing from March 2015 intake. The application deadline is 18th September 2014.




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Top MBA Skills

As an essentially vocational qualification, the imparting of professional skills is at the very heart of the MBA. Though MBA students are as diverse a demographic as you could expect to find – unsurprising in one of the world’s most popular degrees – there are certain skills which one can safely expect to find among them.

These MBA skills range from hard, technical competencies, to softer, more emotional or personal qualities – an essential spectrum for anyone hoping to successfully hold a modern management position.

So what are the main MBA skills that graduates hold?

Your creative streak and hunger for new projects give you more edge.

You have professional experience coupled with in-depth knowledge MBA study material

Strategic thinking
You possess a wider understanding of strategy, especially in the context of business.

Communication skills
You are a terrific communicator, joining departments together through offline and online communication channels.

Thanks to your strategic thinking, you are a brilliant problem-solver

You crunch numbers and look for patterns, bringing data to life in your work and strategy.

You know how to lead a group of people on projects effectively and efficiently.

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The Best MBA Program of a TOP Business School in a Book

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Business is one of the great social equalizers for our global society. Commerce, business, supply and demand, entrepreneurs, corporations, and other business-related ideas have become second nature to most areas of the planet. Given the collective interest in and significance of business, people naturally want to become experts. They read newspapers, study the stock market, enroll in business school, and even design career paths so that they can become a business professional. Some people are of the opinion that true business insight and savvy can only come from formal academic institutions, while others argue that real world experience is the best teacher. There are positive and negative arguments for both of those lines of logic.

The MBA book is meant to bridge the gap between stuffy lecture halls and experience-building employment. The idea of encapsulating an entire MBA in a single book may seem overly bold or unrealistic, but by boiling down the concepts of business success and modern theory into a single book, it becomes far less intimidating for readers who want to push their career forward, regardless of where they are in the business hierarchy. This book contains everything from invaluable reminders for CEOs to inspiring advice for first-time, start-up entrepreneurs. Becoming a powerful and successful business professional is a never-ending journey, because you will always be learning and developing your skills, adapting them to the dynamic world of modern business. This book helps to facilitate that educational process, providing the real-world examples of business skills, knowledge components, foundational qualities, and professional tools that can push you in the right direction.

If you’re starting a business, running a business, or looking for a job, you probably don’t have much time to enroll in business school, read a dozen dry textbooks on corporate theory, or constantly stay appraised of every new development in global commerce. While this book may not answer all your questions about how to find success, it will highlight the most important elements on the road to becoming a desirable, effective, and powerful business professional. By drawing from some of the most successful business models and business professionals in recent history, you can look at problems from new perspectives and hopefully find some inspiration from some of the greatest minds of our generation. From international titans like Walmart and Amazon to crowdsourcing sites and charitable retailers, there are lessons to be learnt on every one of these pages, no matter what size company you work for or what ambitious plans you have for your new enterprise.

Your MBA in a Single Book simplifies the business process by incrementally moving from the conceptual foundation of a company to the final touches, including the skills and tools that an established company should tweak and perfect in order to remain competitive and successful. Some of the book’s most valuable lessons include:

  • Successful approaches to starting a business
  • Methods of stimulating team-based ingenuity
  • The importance of establishing and maintaining a vision
  • Ways of optimizing the culture and environment of your business
  • Leading ambitiously, and by example
  • Modern perspectives on innovation and creativity
  • Essential knowledge components of business leaders and professionals
  • Techniques to create value for products and services
  • Insight into modern marketing theory
  • Logistics advice and infrastructural ideas
  • Delivering superb customer service
  • Remaining relevant, competitive, and “cool”
  • Going beyond a commercial entity
  • Becoming a community icon or a welcome participant
  • Interpersonal skills as a worker, manager, and leader
  • Ways to inspire ambition and innovation in others
  • Methods of finding patience, persistence, and determination
  • Integrating work and life
  • Establishing a presence within and between industry sectors
  • Maintaining a flexible and proactive perspective on the business world

Order today on Amazon and Save 10%

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The future of business education

The higher education and the increased potential for success that comes with it are deeply rooted in the collective culture. Although it is not a viable option for everyone in every country, pursuing a collegiate degree is considered the logical, mature, and guaranteed step towards a successful future. After completing an undergraduate degree, which traditionally takes three or four years, another decision must be made. Those same students must choose whether to go out in the world with a degree in hand and try to find success, or they can apply for graduate school, business school, medical school, or some other institution to obtain an advanced degree.


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Best business book of this week: Happy Company – How To Run a Business Like Google, Facebook, Zappos, Amazon, Coca Cola, Ernst & Young, VW, Nike, Apple, GE, and Intuit

happy company bookHappy Company shares 14 simple concepts that will help you create a successful business. Many companies – including Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple – have achieved their current levels of success by understanding the importance of setting happiness as a major business goal. Happy Company will help you learn how to use creative compensation strategies, realistic approaches to building company happiness, and visionary leadership to achieve the happy and healthy company that you want. Although profits do not always lead to happiness, happiness does lead to profits and success and Happy Company will help you learn how to achieve the right kind of happiness to ensure the business success that you desire. Happiness doesn’t just affect company employees, though; Happy Company also deals with developing customer loyalty, standing out from the competition, and maximizing stakeholder trust and support.

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International MBA Scholarships for Women

Women earned 36.8% of MBA degrees awarded in 2013-2014. Because of the low percentage of women MBAs, there are several MBA scholarships available to women. A sampling of them are listed below, starting with international MBA scholarships.

IE Business School Scholarships for Women
Scholarship for IE Business School’s International MBA Program
Available to women who attend the QS MBA World Tour Fair in 2010-2011
To qualify, complete the QS Graduate Applicant survey you receive after completing the world tour.
Application requirements include a 500 word essay which answers the question: “In your opinion, which emerging market appears to have the most attractive opportunities and support programs for women professionals?”
Candidates are judged on their academic records as well as their potential for leadership and career advancement.

International Foundation of University Women International Grants
Offered for any post-graduate program
May only be used in a country that where the candidate hasn’t studied or lived
Must apply through the IFUW national headquarters for your country
Scholarship awards between $3,150 and $6,300

Chief Executive Women
Offers scholarships for Australia-based women to attend Australian and International business schools
Designed to assist women in their careers and further women leaders
Scholarships for fields where women are typically underrepresented
Some of the scholarships are specific to certain business schools like Harvard and INSEAD
15 scholarships will be offered in 2012

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MBA Application Deadlines for 2014-15

What is the earliest deadline this year? As always, it’s Harvard Business School with a Sept. 9th cutoff date for the first round. That’s a week earlier than just a year ago which was eight days earlier than the previous year.

Typically, it takes two to three months to hear back from a school with the verdict on your application. Despite the early Sept. 9 deadline at HBS, the school says candidates who’s get a decision until three full months later on Dec. 10. Stanford will notify applicants in its first round on the same date as HBS but you don’t have to apply to the school until Oct. 1, three weeks after the Harvard application deadline.

Most schools have three application deadlines, but that’s not always the case. MIT Sloan has just two, with a round one deadline of Sept. 22 and a round two final deadline of Jan. 8. Dartmouth’s Tuck School, on the other hand, has four rounds, starting with an early action date of Oct. 8 and an April round deadline of April 1. Columbia Business School is different from most of its peer schools in having a rolling decisions schedule with an early decision deadline of Oct. 8 where applicants have to agree that once accepted they will attend Columbia and withdraw their applications from other schools. The final deadline at Columbia is April 15.

I have update this list continuously as more schools provide info on their new deadlines.


School First Application Deadline Admission Decision
Harvard Business School    Sept. 9, 2014 Dec. 10, 2014
Duke (Fuqua) Sept. 17, 2014 (Early Action) Oct. 29, 2014
Yale School of Management Sept. 18, 2014 Dec. 8, 2014
MIT (Sloan) Sept. 23, 2014 Dec. 17, 2015
INSEAD Sept. 24, 2014 (September 2015 Intake) Nov. 28, 2014
Northwestern (Kellogg) Sept. 24, 2014 Dec. 17, 2014
Chicago (Booth) Sept. 25, 2014 Dec. 18, 2014
Stanford Graduate School of Business Oct. 1, 2014 Dec. 10, 2014

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The Cost of an MBA Program

The cost of education varies depending on institution of higher education, location, type of program, length of time in school, and living and other expenses. Even though the method of distribution is different, online MBA programs’ costs also respond on many of these same factors, in terms of tuition/fees and books/supplies.

Online MBA programs usually do not have the same fees as on-campus ones have, and many traditional fees are waived. However, some fees are required. The technology fee is often the most prominent as no online program can function without hardware and software. Whether it’s charged per course or per semester, this fee covers the cost of providing technical support services, distance education software and course management systems.

Although all course work is completed on a computer, you still may be required to purchase textbooks and other types of educational materials. Some online MBA programs include the price of books in course price, so it’s important to read the fine print when comparing school costs. Students may have to purchase textbooks or e-books associated with each course, but most programs do include class material and software.

Online Versus Campus Costs
Online MBA students are not required to attend lectures on campus, so they will save a substantial amount of money when it comes to travel expenses such as gas, parking and car wear and tear. They also won’t have to worry about costs with campus life such as student housing and meal plans and activity fees for student health or recreation centers.

It is also important to take into consideration that as an online student it is your responsibility to furnish your virtual work space. The online student’s list of must-have supplies include a computer, printer, scanner, external hard drive, software, and most important, Internet service.

Residency and Tuition
One of the good things about distance programs is that the cost of tuition is generally the same whether you live in state or out. If you want to earn an MBA from a particular out-of-state school, the online way will likely be much less expensive in the long run than relocating to participate in an on-campus program as a nonresident. For example, if you want to get an MBA from Colorado State University, you may want to consider its online MBA program, which is known for its quality and affordability. The online program is identical to the on-campus one in terms of faculty and curriculum, but tuition is less.
Many online students do not pay the “sticker price” when it comes to their education. There are plenty of financial aid options available for distance learners.


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MBA Career and Jobs

Apparently, the average income for someone that has a MBA degree is $97,714, which is not too bad really. Well honestly, that is pretty good money. Starting wages are more than $10,000 over other degrees. In a world where the size of your banking account really matters, an MBA degree might be a perfect fit for anyone who is thinking of a wide open job market. And trust me, not everything is about being stuck in an office. In fact, the things you can do with an MBA degree range from the normal office setting of a HR manager to a Natural science manager.

Recruitment, work in payroll, train new hires, etc. You’re the link between the corporate office and the staff. Now your average marketing manager, which is another field you can go into with a MBA degree is one that is more focused. Many times marketing managers lead the creative inspiration found in many mid to increase size companies. You help make things run better, from advertising to the overall workplace. Financial managers are the bean counters: your job is to make sure the books balance. You know where every cent of the company goes, what is bought, sold and invested. Nothing can hide from you. Your MBA degree has given you superpowers, well at least in maths.

An MBA degree is often seen as the stuffy suit and tie position. It does not have to be like that, and there are many jobs that are very mainstream that edge away from that idea. With so many hands-on Green jobs out there, it is easy to land a job that takes you out of the office and into the field to use that MBA degree. Leading a team while learning about managing solar power projects, building green homes and taking the knowledge you’ve gained with an MBA degree out into the public. Being involved with the public sector is rather rewarding. Sometimes the pay is not as good as other jobs, but there is something to be said about being able to work in shorts and a T-shirt while looking over a business project.

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