Free Kindle EBook: Growth Engines – Case Studies and Analysis of Today's Fastest Growing Companies

Although popular culture certainly has its favorites in terms of rockstar companies, some of the rising giants within the business world don’t always get the credit or airtime they deserve. There are a number of recent growth engine companies that have challenged conventional paths to success and forged their own destinies through unique and innovative techniques that have resulted in huge success within a shockingly short time. This book pulls back the curtain on some of today’s rising business stars and reveals what essential tactics they’ve used to reach such impressive heights.

Case studies included:

– Lululemon
– Alibaba
– Keurig Green Mountain
– Tesla Motors
– Fuhu

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Available for Free between 11/10/2014-11/15/2014

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Free Kindle Book of the Day: How Google Did It

For any company to make a major impact, it is essential to grow, flourish, and expand into new industries and marketplaces. One of the companies that does this better than any other is Google, the undisputed King of the Internet. The broad reach, inspiring vision, passionate employees, dedicated customers, and bright future for this company can be traced back to certain essential keys that have allowed the company to grow faster than anyone thought possible. This book is a condensed guide, a short-cut, if you will, to some of the most essential secrets behind Google’s astronomical growth and perennial success.

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Free Kindle Book of the Day: Kill The Normal – The Secrets of Revolutionary design has evolved over the years and how it impacts our everyday life

Kill the Normal is an in-depth study on how design has evolved, how it impacts global society, and what it reflects about the ideals of cultures from around the world. From nearly microscopic 3D-printed organs to the theories behind modern architecture, this book went from the microcosm to the macrocosm and connected them in clever and accessible ways. If you’ve ever felt the urge to re-invent something or tinker with design, this is a book you’re going to want on your shelf.

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