Best Harvard Online Courses

Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard has the largest financial endowment of any academic institution in the world, standing at $30 billion as of September 2012. Its history, influence and wealth have made it one of the most prestigious universities in the world

Harvard offers a variety of open learning opportunities, including online courses and modules. Through the edX learning platform, founded by Harvard and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), anyone with an Internet connection can gain access to courses from Harvard, MIT, and other partner academic institutions.

In the classroom, online, or hybrid 

Harvard  offers courses on campus in the evenings, as well as online video courses, web-conference courses, and hybrid options.

Full semester and short course options

Most courses meet in a 15-week fall or spring term. But Harvard offers three-week courses in January and June, as well as a selection of shorter courses during the fall and spring terms.

Art, humanities, & museum studies
Business studies & management
Computer science, engineering, & math
Journalism, literature, speech, & writing
Premedical studies
Science & environmental studies
Social sciences
Study skills & education

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The future of business education

The higher education and the increased potential for success that comes with it are deeply rooted in the collective culture. Although it is not a viable option for everyone in every country, pursuing a collegiate degree is considered the logical, mature, and guaranteed step towards a successful future. After completing an undergraduate degree, which traditionally takes three or four years, another decision must be made. Those same students must choose whether to go out in the world with a degree in hand and try to find success, or they can apply for graduate school, business school, medical school, or some other institution to obtain an advanced degree.


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Free Online Course: Developing a Personal Financial Plan

In this self-paced, hands-on course you will examine financial decision-making tools and techniques. As you learn the importance of good financial planning and financial goal-setting you will also learn how to create financial statements and prepare budgets. Throughout this course you will be introduced to topics such as consumer credit, student loans, insurance, investments, savings, planning for retirement, and estate planning.

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What is a Business Administration Degree

A business administration degree focuses on business management and prepares people to work in the world of commerce. Generally, business administration coursework includes the principles and application of economics, marketing and planning. The most common diploma in this field is the master’s of business administration (MBA).

A business administration degree prepares you for work in such fields as banking, finance, health care, insurance, real estate, retail business and technology. You could become an accountant, administrative executive, banker, consultant, executive director, project manager, retail manager or strategic planner.

If you do not currently have a college degree, you should consider your career goals before choosing the type of business administration degree to pursue. For entry-level positions or jobs in smaller companies, an associate’s degree may be all you need. If you already have a degree, you may be able to pursue an MBA. Most MBA programs require you to take and pass the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) to be admitted.
While keeping a job in a down market may be easier for business administration graduates, finding a job may be harder in the currently overcrowded field. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, business administration graduates can expect keen competition for top-level positions, while entry-level jobs will see fewer applicants.

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How To Get an Online Degree

Sometimes you may also have found that the best jobs go to people with more education, so you’ve decided to look into going back to school, online, on your own time and own terms, and earn that degree.

1. Decide what type of degree do you want to have. This may seem like a simple step for some, but for advanced degrees it’s very important to be specific. A school that has an excellent general Environmental Studies program might not be as highly rated as the school that offers an Environmental Water Resource Management program.

2. Use Web. Use Google to search on schools that offer a degree in your field, and find out how online colleges compare to each other.

3. Eliminate the colleges that don’t fit. Some online institutions may have prohibitively steep pricing, or require a time commitment that you cannot match. If a college does not meet your criteria, scratch it off the list.

4. Focus on your top 3 choices. Take the time to research and read about the programs they offer in your field, both to ascertain if it’s the right fit for you, and if it’s a path you are truly excited about pursuing.

5. Dig deeper. Find out about the school’s certification and accreditation. The Distance Education and Training Council typically handles much of online school accreditation, and is an excellent resource for your online college research.

6. Contact your schools. After doing thorough background research, contact the schools that made your cut. Talk with somebody in the Admissions department about their requirements, their application procedures, and anything else they feel you should know that is unique to their institution.

7. Fill out the application forms. Fill out the forms for your final candidates, pay your application fee, and await the results.

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Free Online Course: Managing the Innovation Process

This course approaches “managing the innovation process” through five levels of analysis: individual, team, network, organizational, and industrial. At each level of analysis, particular attention is given to the conditions under which innovation processes succeed and fail. The weekly readings consist of a mixture of book chapters, journal articles, and cases, and an online forum will be used for further discussion of the required readings outside of class.

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10 Best Business Schools in UK

The market has grown considerably as the MBA became more and more entrenched in international hiring policies, with the many of the UK’s prestigious public sector research universities boasting equally strong sister institutions of business education.
Thus the country boasts considerable pedigree in the realm of business education, and attracts a lot of students from around the world to study in its prestigious business schools.

I’m switching the focus to the UK best MBA programmes:

Said Business School, University of Oxford
There are not many better places to study in the UK than Oxford University and since its business school opened in 1996, its fast becoming the place to go for MBA study. The Oxford MBA is a one year full-time course and the part-time Executive MBA, targeted at senior professionals, lasts for 21 months.

London Business School
Students from more than 120 countries go to London Business School to participate in its world class MBA programmes. The standard MBA is full-time and lasts between 15 to 21 months.

Lancaster University Management School
LUMS is one of the leading management schools in the world. Its full-time MBA is for one year and the part-time Lancaster Executive MBA lasts two years.

Cass Business School
Based right at the heart of the City of London, Cass is an ideal place to learn about business. Its full-time MBA lasts for 12 months, whilst both types of Executive MBA on offer run for 24 months, allowing you to study either at the weekends or in the evening.

Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
The other half of Oxbridge also has its own business school. Are you worried that you’re too old to start an MBA? Judge may be the place for you, as the average age of its MBA students is 30.

Cranfield School of Management
Cranfield has designed its MBA programmes to focus on both personal development and practical application.

Manchester Metropolitan University Business School
One of the biggest business schools in the UK, MMUBS offers full-time, part-time and block release basis MBAs, lasting for one year, 30 months and 30 months again, respectively.

Cardiff Business School
The Cardiff MBA is full-time and lasts one year, focusing on the international marketplace and how to tap into it.

Newcastle University Business School
A member of the prestigious Russell Group, Newcastle University Business School is one of the best research-intensive high education institutions in the country.

Imperial College Business School
The Imperial MBA has launched many an entrepreneurial career. As well as the one year full-time Imperial MBA and the two year part-time Imperial Executive MBA there is a Distance Learning MBA.

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Best Free Online Courses


Coursera is largest online training portal, with more than 8 million students. Courser has partnerships with organizations and leading universities worldwide and currently on their site you find over 680 courses available: from business management, software engineering, medical and social sciences, all the information you need are just a click away.


In the Library of Congress you can find Carl Sagan Lecture at Harvard in 1965, and the courses you took at Cornell in 1986. If you are passionate about astrophysics or astronomy, it should throw an eye over them. And even if you’re not passionate about science, you should browse them anyway, Carl Sagan is one of the few scientists who have always tried to present scientific facts public in a more accessible language.

3. Harvard Open Courses (edX courses)

Courses on site are an initiative Harvard Harvard-MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and are publicly available at no charge. You can find courses ranging from Chinese culture, computer science, mathematics, comparative literature, lectures about Greek civilization or Chinese culture. You do not need to register to watch video courses, and if you want, you can even evening classes for which you can receive a bachelor’s degree or master part-time.


About TED sure you heard. TED’s largest online portal speeches. Here you can find lots of speeches on various topics such as technology, business, leadership and personal development.


If you want to learn a foreign language but do not have much money for courses, you can opt for Duolingo. Here you can find English language courses, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, both advanced and beginners.


On Academic Earth find free courses about engineering, mathematics or social sciences. Also, the site offers tests and training for international tests such as GMAT, LSAT and SAT.

7. Berkeley University Online Courses

On The Berkeley University website you can watch some of the courses held by professors from prestigious American university. You cannot get a degree, but can be very useful if you’re ready to enroll in an American university or you’re simply curious to follow the courses of a certain professor at Berkeley.


Udacity offers business courses, computer science, mathematics, physics, art or design. When you login, you can choose to start a course from scratch or a topic about which you already have some notions.


Udemy, Inc. is a site that offers an extensive collection of foreign language courses, technology, arts, design, humanities, medicine, music etc. Unlike the sites mentioned above, the you can create and own course.


Entrepreneur is the right place if you are a young entrepreneur who wants to know more about business, but you can take a look and if you’re curious to see what a business portal.

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