Quality Management of a Project

There are six main keys to keep in mind in order to manage the quality of your project properly.

The first one is, of course, to have a good plan right from the start. I’ve already said this several times, and the reason for that is because I really can’t stress enough how important it is to have a good plan before you begin the project. If you plan poorly, you will need to put so much more effort into management, and will have to deal with so much more stress. The steps to be followed are Plan, Do, Check, Act. (more…)

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Impact Evaluation

Impact evaluation is a technique used to brainstorm by many successful individuals. It is a method that helps you to evaluate all of the negative impacts of any particular change that you may need to perform in your project. However, in spite of its effectiveness, it is rarely used by project managers, which is an enormous shame.

When you wish to analyse the impact of smaller decisions, it is fine to do this individually, as it may be troublesome to gather your entire team for smaller, insignificant matters. However, when it comes to major decisions that will affect the project in a number of ways, it is necessary to gather the whole team and discuss the negative impacts of the decision in detail. (more…)

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