What To Read Next -> Kaizen Philosophy Explained

This book specifically explains what Kaizen is and from where it actually originated. It has a unique set of aspects regarding the Kaizen for your better understanding. Kaizen is significantly more than a world-class management practice; it is a method to expel fear from our minds, empowering us to find a way to better things. The procedure of progress begins with mindfulness and desire in our brains and after that prompts activity and change in the physical world.

To flourish in today’s highly competitive economy, associations need to work more adequately and beneficially than in any other time. Working on developing people who are good at problem solving, expanding productivity, enhancing quality, and decreasing waste are crucial achievement elements. This guide focuses more on Gemba Kaizen philosophy rather than on an individual’s personal life. Although this is a philosophy that can explain and help in all sorts of issues. Its major focus is on how to improve the workplace for better results and increased productivity.

This book gives the readers a lot of information about the famous Japanese Kaizen philosophy especially:

What is Kaizen?
Its three pillars
Principles and tools

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What to read next -> Lean Marketing Explained

Deciding what to read next? We recommend you Lean Marketing Explained.

Lean marketing is a strategic approach which is gaining popularity because of the positive results which it brings out. In order to flourish your marketing business without worrying about limited resources, lean marketing is what you need!

What you’ll learn in this book:

What exactly, lean marketing is
Eric Ries thoughts on lean marketing
5 stages of lean marketing funnel
A list of lean marketing principles
Why you should choose lean marketing
How you can apply this strategy to your small business setup

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5 Best Project Management Books

1) Principles of Project Management Explained
Are you a busy project manager, or even just an employee that works on projects from time to time?

You work on projects regularly, yet you rarely feel one hundred percent satisfied with them, and you feel as if the feedback from others is never perfect…If that is the case, then this book is an absolute must-read to improve your career!

In this book, I discuss the principles of project management in a comprehensive and incredibly simple manner that will aid you in becoming the best at your job that you possibly can be.

What you’ll learn in this book:

The basics of project management
The different areas of project management, including:
Integration management, cost management, time management, quality management, risk management, etc.

Additional tips such as how to approach stakeholders for a project, how to create schedules and more!

Read on to get motivated and learn how to create projects that are absolutely amazing.

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2) Project Design Explained 

Are you someone that is required to come up with projects often? A student, or a businessperson perhaps?

Maybe you are not required to create projects but are someone that has wanted to start up a project on their own.

Either way, this book is one that you absolutely need to read! In this book, we talk about project design, and the method in which you can successfully design a project. If your project design is substandard, then of course the outcome won’t be good! That’s why this book is a must-read.

What you’ll learn in this book:

– A basic outline as to how you should design a project
– How to come up with goals
– How to plan and design your research
– How to select team members and decide roles
– How to design the stages of the project
– The part that communication plays in project designing
– How to design a schedule

And so much more! Read on to change your life for the better!

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Best Creativity Books You Must Read

Whether you’re feeling creative or just hoping to, there are tons of books out there about creativity. Acclaimed business author Can Akdeniz has written a number of informative and helpful books about creativity and innovation, both of which are incredibly important to cultivating business success. Here’s a rundown of some of Akdeniz’s best creativity books:

Seven Habits of Highly Creative People.

To an extent, creativity is something you naturally have or do not. However, whether creativity comes easily to you or whether it’s a struggle, there are certain things that you can do to cultivate creativity in your life. This book explains how to access the creativity inside you and harvest it for an optimal mindset. Akdeniz explains that everyone, in fact, is creative – it’s just that some people know how to harvest it better than others. This gives seven insights into the things that creative people do in their lives and explains how to implement such habits in in your own life.

Problem Solver: An Amazing Way to Deal with Problems and Personal Challenges.

This book is coauthored by Akdeniz and fellow business writer Jonas Stark. It’s a relatively quick read at just over 60 pages and is part of Akdeniz’s popular Best Business Books Series. This text deals with ways to solve problems, including more creative ways to address everyday issues. What makes some people great is not necessarily their intelligence, but their problem-solving ability. Problem Solver helps explain exactly how you can solve problems more effectively and more creatively.

Innovation Playbook: 7 Secrets of Most Innovative Companies.

Creativity and innovation are not interchangeable, but they are intrinsically linked. This book explores the uses of innovation that have succeeded for successful companies, essentially providing an outline as to what you can do with your creativity in order to achieve business success. Business success isn’t just about financing and business savvy – it’s also about innovation, and innovation goes hand-in-hand with creativity.

Go Nuts: The Art of Creativity and Innovation.

This book focuses a lot on the connection between dream and reality. For creative types, often the hardest part of the creative process is figuring out implementation in the real world. Go Nuts helps deal with the process of addressing some of these challenges. The book examines creativity in a number of different fields of study and helps the reader glean creativity and innovation lessons from existing business success stories.

Kill the Normal.

This book, released in early 2014, discusses the advantages of being a forward thinker and thinking outside the box. This book focuses a lot on design and on non-traditional innovations in the world of design. You’ll learn about how creativity and innovation helped companies like Google and Apple, and hopefully from those lessons you’ll be able to figure out a bit about creativity in your own life. Thinking outside the box – or, “killing the normal” – is key to successful creativity, a fact which Akdeniz explains in a number of different contexts throughout this 170-page book.

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