What is big data?

This concept refers to the accumulation of data in bulk. In products, it is known as mass data and large-scale data. The discipline that deals with massive data is embedded within the information technology and communication industry. It is responsible for all matters relating to systems handling large datasets. Problems that may exist on this system are focused on the capture, management and visualization of this data. Usually this happens when the data derived from a given analysis is accumulated on a large set of related data, such as in business analysis or the ongoing fight against organized crime.

Not only is there a lot of information to manage and process nowadays, but there is also great variety of data that can be represented in different ways on different devices such as mobile devices, audio, video, digital sensors, GPS etc. These devices can measure and communicate the position, motion, vibration, temperature, etc. These are essential features to develop a system of big data. It is essential to be clear that conventional data are a vital part to make an analytical analysis and this is seen most clearly when is used in conjunction with Big Data platform.

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