3 business lessons from Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad was a massively popular show – many are still mourning the fact of its conclusion. As entertaining as the meth-making saga of Walter White was, it also contained some sage business lessons. Here are a few:

1. Work in a field you’re passionate about. Walter White loved chemistry. He was good at it and had dedicated his life to spreading his love of chemistry to young minds. Then he decided to take his love of chemistry in a more nefarious direction – and made a mint in the process.

2. Understand that even with passion and expertise, it won’t be easy. Walter and Jesse dealt with legal issues, kidnapping drug-addicted competitors, problematic significant others, and much, much more. Although eventually Walter amassed so much money that he and Skylar couldn’t count it and managed to fill up multiple 55-gallon drums with it, their road to financial success was anything but easy.

3. Have a goal. Originally, Walter’s goal was to provide a cushion for his family if he died from cancer. Ultimately that didn’t happen, but it was that initial goal that motivated him to begin the business, reach out to a former student he didn’t respect, and take the risks necessary to get his business of the ground. Even once the initial goal became irrelevant, the business’s foundation had been planted firmly in the ground and the most famous fictional meth-making empire continued to grow in leaps and bounds.

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