Business Book of the Day: Happy Company – How High Profile Companies Have Earned Spectacular Success

Google, Facebook, Zappos, Amazon, Coca Cola, Ernst & Young, VW, Nike, Apple, GE, and Intuit: Something unites all of these high profile companies in an essential way – a new business mentality. They have earned such spectacular success and respect by setting happiness as a primary goal, knowing that with a foundation of joy, creativity, and excitement, nothing is impossible.

In Happy Company, Can Akdeniz shows that the business mentality has changed forever. He explains the new mindset, and shares strategies and methodologies for creating a culture of happiness, and explains the impact that such an ideological shift can have. By learning from this book, you can draw on relevant inspiration from these global icons and apply it to your own business model, to begin experiencing the same success, respect, and loyalty that they have enjoyed for years.

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