Book Summary of The Art of Start by Guy Kawasaki

There are several things that a very successful entrepreneur should have in order to be successful. These things include; an idea in the business he/she wants to engage in, a garage, and most importantly this book.

This book, ‘The Art of the Start’, clearly states that there is never a guarantee of having the best results in everything you do no matter how perfect you may do it. There are some businessmen who justifies that after they read this book, their business have now grown in to international businesses. This is because most of them were originally using bad techniques. They were forced to start again after realizing the important basics they were supposed to follow.

Guy’s book reveals most of the things that many entrepreneurs never think that they exist and that they can be useful in the business. Other authors like Jay Conrad Levinson, the author of Guerilla Marketing series of books, say that anyone who would love to change the world in the business sector should read Guy’s “Art of the Start”. This is because of the great discoveries and findings found in this book reveals all the secrets of a successful beginner in business.