Book Summary of Influence by Robert Cialdini

Leadership is a gift granted by God. There are different categories in which leadership is applied in various life occasions. In most cases, there are some procedures which are followed in order to choose these leaders. The leaders we choose may either accept the responsibility that they are given or they may also decide to decline. Have you ever thought of what makes most of the people to accept every opportunity they are given? Do you know the criteria used in making of such wonderful decisions in life?

Robert Cialdini conducted his research and came up with various results on his findings. In fact, his research was not only based on leadership. It covered a wide range of activities that involves decision making. These activities are comprised of different personalities like; fundraisers, salespersons, investors, advertisers and many other individuals. From his report based on psychology, he found out that most of these people’s decisions are a result of persuasion and other factors like compliance and many others. In his book, ‘Influence’, he states out all the factors that lead to such decisions being made by these people. He also states all the possible circumstances that can make these people to make such decisions.