Book Summary of In Search of Excellence by Thomas Peters and Robert Waterman

Waterman and Peter have carried out their research in many companies. This research was undertaken I more than forty three companies in America. They did not major in one sector but expanded their research in companies carrying out their activities in various fields. They included service offering companies, high technology farms and the companies that offer consumer goods. In the whole research, the results were not as expected. They found out that all the companies were having all the eight basics of management irrespective of the field in which the company majored in. these basics were being used by different companies in order to excel in whatever they are doing.

In this book, they highlighted clearly the basics that can be used by a business in order for it to grow up economically. They even used some of the most successful companies which are excelling to serve as a very good example to many other businesses that would love to improve on the profits they make on daily basis. This would help the upcoming entrepreneurs to have very wonderful strategies so that they that they may not encounter the big loss like the other business persons that preceded them in the same field.