Book Summary of Good to Great by Jim Collins

There are some things in life that can never be avoided at any circumstances. For instance, have you ever heard of any person or organization that opposes gravity? If the answer is yes, are you aware of the characteristics that these organizations have that enables them to upgrade themselves from good to great? This book by Jim Collins has moved an extra mile to research on these companies which are doing extremely well financially. It takes in to consideration both the all the goods and the cash the company has. All the general stock that have monetary value is highly considered in finding out how the company has set its strategies to move from good to great.

This book also brings out the comparison between the companies that have tried to improve their standards yet they still maintain their position of being good. It was discovered that these companies that moved from good to great are now engaging themselves in more serious business activities and are much ahead of these companies that have remained in a good state. This analysis was undertaken for a period of not less than five years and the result have been proven right by different organizations.