Best Personal Finance Books of 2014

Money Maker: Seven Steps Plan to Financial Freedom

Being financially free is not about luck, an obsession with money, or sacrificing all the fun in life. Being financially free is, more than anything, about being conscious of your actions and knowledgeable about how the monetary system works so that you can always make the right financial decisions. By enhancing your understanding of how your actions, thoughts, and emotions create a network that affects your financial status, Money Maker: Seven Step Plan to Financial Freedom guides you toward mastering this network. In order to maximize your wealth, you must cultivate good habits, utilizing a wide variety of information and financial management tools, such as budgets, bank accounts, insurances, and savings plans. Developing such habits is a process that requires self-discipline, but it can be made easier by breaking things into a series of steps.

The aim of this book is to examine the process involved in attaining financial freedom and guide you through the steps that can move you toward achieving your financial goals. It shows how anybody can improve his or her financial status by wisely using resources that are always available and ready to be fructified.

Money Habits: Small Life Changes That Can Make You Rich 

Money Habits puts together some of the best advice on how to save, spend, and invest your money. Open this book and you will open new opportunities for your financial freedom; you will access a new way of understanding how the monetary mechanism works – an easy-to-follow guide to adopt simple habits that can change your life for good because even if it doesn’t bring happiness, money can bring a lot of nice changes. The question is: are you ready to learn how to create a budget and make your money work for you instead of simply work for your money? Are you ready to jump off that always-drifting boat which holds captive those people (who are most people) who have lost control over their financial situation?