Best Movies of 2014

It’s been almost half of 2014 and, with it, were released enough movies to appear and charts. A satisfactory mix for all tastes did TIME, in which were included films such as 300: Rise of an Empire or The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Here’s among the best films of 2014:

1. The Grand Budapest Hotel
A film directed by Wes Anderson, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Ralph Finnes and Saoirse Ronan, about a hotel from an imaginary country in Eastern Europe.

2. The Lego Movie
LEGO characters come to life directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

3. Dune – Jodorowsky
In 1970, Alexander Jodorowsky Dune planning a film adaptation, but has not been done. However, the documentary about his quest is interesting enough.

4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Marvel Comics have always been among the favorite topics addicted Hollywood movies. Not this year is not an exception.

5. Only Lovers Left Alive
Vampires are in love for almost 2000 years. And that’s not all, the best part is that vampires roles are played by Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston.

6. Noah
A biblical film. The director is Darren Aronofsky and actors are Emma Watson, Anthony Hopkins and Russell Crowe. So to all come the end of the world.

7. Night Moves
Three brave young men are preparing for an explosive protest – to blow up a dam. A film directed by Kelly Reichardt.

8. Edge of Tomorrow
Tom Cruise plays a soldier who must contend with dangerous monsters. A scenario seems easy, but worth a shot.

9. Stranger by the Lake
A gay couple is hunted by a killer on the edge of a lake seemingly quiet, but full of obscure stories.

10. 300: Rise of an Empire
If you enjoyed the first 300, add to the pleasure quotient and the emergence Eve Green.