Best MBA Books You Must Read

Some people go to business school to learn about business. Others prefer to teach themselves. Whether you’re self-taught or school-taught, there are tons of great books out there to add your knowledge. Below you will find a wonderful set of books, Business MBA series, that can help teach you all about both the things you would learn in business school and the things you wish you learned in business school.

Strategic Planning Explained.

This book gives a brief introduction to strategic plans for business. Strategic plans are not just a general name for business planning; they refer to a specific type of plan created to lay out an organization’s mission, resources, and objectives. This book includes sections about who uses strategic plans, what the key elements of such plans are, the benefits to using strategic plans, when to use strategic plans, how to use strategic plans effectively, and what the potential problems are with strategic plans.

Business Development Explained.

This book is a quick primer on what, exactly, business development is. The book includes a thorough explanation of what business development does and does not mean, what are some standard examples of business development, who uses business development, how to know when you should use business development, and how to understand exactly what a business development professional does.
Disruptive Innovation Explained. This book explains about a very popular theory, the theory of disruptive innovation. The book talks about what disruptive innovation is, who invented the term, how it differs from regular innovation, what some examples are of disruptive innovation, and what the concept of disruptive innovation means for business.

Financial Statement Analysis Explained.

Understanding financial statements can be incredibly complex. In this book, Akdeniz goes over some of the basics and helps readers get a grasp on how to glean the most important information from financial statements. Really, thoroughly, understanding financial statements could take a long time to perfect, but this quick book will help you gain a basic understanding.

Business Models Explained.

This book examines what exactly a business model is. The term is used by many as a more specific and narrow concept than some might assume. Akdeniz explains a bit about the differing understandings of the concept of a business model and goes over the four main types of business models, as well as some of the other subtypes of business models.

Business Innovation Explained.

This book delves into the differences between innovation and invention. It covers the history of innovation, types of innovations, how to spark innovation, and what some of the potential downsides are to innovation. Even an ostensibly positive thing like forward-thinking innovation can have negative impacts.

Change Management Explained.

Change management is a relatively new field within the business world and Can Akdeniz helps explain exactly what it is and how it is important to growing your business in a positive direction. The book talks about the types of change, how to know when it’s the right time for change, eight successful steps for change, and key for successful change management.