Best Management Books You Must Read

If you’re looking for business management books, you’ll find that there is tons of stuff on the market. Instead of treading down the beaten path, though, you may want to check out some solid business author who has a strong following, but isn’t sitting atop any bestseller lists at the moment. Although there are tons of great indie books about business management, here are seven great business management reads to get you started:

Cool Boss: Master 11 Qualities of Today’s Greatest Leaders.

One of Akdeniz’s earlier books, this book is a great read. It’s a great explanation of how you can be a fun leader. Being in a leadership position doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone has to hate you. As Akdeniz explains, there are successful leaders who have risen to where they are by cultivating the “cool boss” image.

Amazons of Business: How Women Change the Business World.

This book presents short biographies of a number of women who have made a big splash in the business world. In addition to giving some background bio, though, the book also discusses the lessons any eager up-and-coming business person can glean from the success of these women.

Growth Engines: Case Studies and Analysis of Today’s Fastest Growing Companies.

This book offers a great overview of companies that have become vastly successful and it explores how, exactly, they have gotten to where they are today. In addition to case studies of companies you already know, Growth Engine touches on learning lessons from companies like Lululemon and Fuhu, businesses that not everyone is necessarily familiar with.
Happy Company: How to Create a Happy, Trustable, and Successful Business.

One of the longer books written by Akdeniz, Happy Company is a well-produced and well-edited account of the importance of creating a happy company. Some managers try to focus on the bottom line first, but Akdeniz explains the importance of focusing on creating a happy company – everything will fall into place naturally.
Business Development Explained.

Business development is a buzzword in the business world these days, but if you’re in a management position it needs to be more than just a buzzword – you need to really understand what business development means. This book is a nice, quick read that offers an excellent overview of what business development is and what its place should be in your company.

Leadership Academy: The Only Leadership Book You Must Read.

Can Akdeniz partnered with Jonas Stark for this work – and it’s a pretty hefty tome. It combines four other works by the two authors and offers them up in one volume. The texts deal with everything from innovation to happiness to management strategies. The overriding thread, of course, is leadership.

Management School: A Book for Smart Management Training.

Management School is an excellent business primer for new managers. It offers advice on all the traits and skills you need to make an excellent leader. Whether you’re already in a leadership position or simply hoping to be soon, it’s a great read.