Best Free Online Courses


Coursera is largest online training portal, with more than 8 million students. Courser has partnerships with organizations and leading universities worldwide and currently on their site you find over 680 courses available: from business management, software engineering, medical and social sciences, all the information you need are just a click away.


In the Library of Congress you can find Carl Sagan Lecture at Harvard in 1965, and the courses you took at Cornell in 1986. If you are passionate about astrophysics or astronomy, it should throw an eye over them. And even if you’re not passionate about science, you should browse them anyway, Carl Sagan is one of the few scientists who have always tried to present scientific facts public in a more accessible language.

3. Harvard Open Courses (edX courses)

Courses on site are an initiative Harvard Harvard-MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and are publicly available at no charge. You can find courses ranging from Chinese culture, computer science, mathematics, comparative literature, lectures about Greek civilization or Chinese culture. You do not need to register to watch video courses, and if you want, you can even evening classes for which you can receive a bachelor’s degree or master part-time.


About TED sure you heard. TED’s largest online portal speeches. Here you can find lots of speeches on various topics such as technology, business, leadership and personal development.


If you want to learn a foreign language but do not have much money for courses, you can opt for Duolingo. Here you can find English language courses, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, both advanced and beginners.


On Academic Earth find free courses about engineering, mathematics or social sciences. Also, the site offers tests and training for international tests such as GMAT, LSAT and SAT.

7. Berkeley University Online Courses

On The Berkeley University website you can watch some of the courses held by professors from prestigious American university. You cannot get a degree, but can be very useful if you’re ready to enroll in an American university or you’re simply curious to follow the courses of a certain professor at Berkeley.


Udacity offers business courses, computer science, mathematics, physics, art or design. When you login, you can choose to start a course from scratch or a topic about which you already have some notions.


Udemy, Inc. is a site that offers an extensive collection of foreign language courses, technology, arts, design, humanities, medicine, music etc. Unlike the sites mentioned above, the you can create and own course.


Entrepreneur is the right place if you are a young entrepreneur who wants to know more about business, but you can take a look and if you’re curious to see what a business portal.