Best Creativity Books You Must Read

Whether you’re feeling creative or just hoping to, there are tons of books out there about creativity. Acclaimed business author Can Akdeniz has written a number of informative and helpful books about creativity and innovation, both of which are incredibly important to cultivating business success. Here’s a rundown of some of Akdeniz’s best creativity books:

Seven Habits of Highly Creative People.

To an extent, creativity is something you naturally have or do not. However, whether creativity comes easily to you or whether it’s a struggle, there are certain things that you can do to cultivate creativity in your life. This book explains how to access the creativity inside you and harvest it for an optimal mindset. Akdeniz explains that everyone, in fact, is creative – it’s just that some people know how to harvest it better than others. This gives seven insights into the things that creative people do in their lives and explains how to implement such habits in in your own life.

Problem Solver: An Amazing Way to Deal with Problems and Personal Challenges.

This book is coauthored by Akdeniz and fellow business writer Jonas Stark. It’s a relatively quick read at just over 60 pages and is part of Akdeniz’s popular Best Business Books Series. This text deals with ways to solve problems, including more creative ways to address everyday issues. What makes some people great is not necessarily their intelligence, but their problem-solving ability. Problem Solver helps explain exactly how you can solve problems more effectively and more creatively.

Innovation Playbook: 7 Secrets of Most Innovative Companies.

Creativity and innovation are not interchangeable, but they are intrinsically linked. This book explores the uses of innovation that have succeeded for successful companies, essentially providing an outline as to what you can do with your creativity in order to achieve business success. Business success isn’t just about financing and business savvy – it’s also about innovation, and innovation goes hand-in-hand with creativity.

Go Nuts: The Art of Creativity and Innovation.

This book focuses a lot on the connection between dream and reality. For creative types, often the hardest part of the creative process is figuring out implementation in the real world. Go Nuts helps deal with the process of addressing some of these challenges. The book examines creativity in a number of different fields of study and helps the reader glean creativity and innovation lessons from existing business success stories.

Kill the Normal.

This book, released in early 2014, discusses the advantages of being a forward thinker and thinking outside the box. This book focuses a lot on design and on non-traditional innovations in the world of design. You’ll learn about how creativity and innovation helped companies like Google and Apple, and hopefully from those lessons you’ll be able to figure out a bit about creativity in your own life. Thinking outside the box – or, “killing the normal” – is key to successful creativity, a fact which Akdeniz explains in a number of different contexts throughout this 170-page book.