Best Career Books You Must Read

Learning how to advance your career is a secret that not everyone learns. There are, however, plenty of wonderful books out there to help with that problem. Below you will find a good number of career books that can immensely help in learning how to advance your career.

What is Your Strategy: A Guide to Making Perfect Strategies.

If you’re looking to advance your career, having the right strategy is key. An understanding of strategy and how to develop the optimal strategy for any situation is important anywhere in life, but it’s particularly helpful in career development. As Akdeniz explains, you need to understand your long-term goal and remove the inefficiencies along the way, the distractions that would have simply taken up time rather than achieving your goal. This book covers that and much other useful strategy advice.

Do You Have a Goal: The Art of Goal Setting.

In addition to understanding your strategy, your plan for achieving your goal, it is also important to understand the value of meaningful and inspiring goal-setting. This book details how to improve your life and career performance in every way by setting meaningful and productive goals. It’s not just your career, though, but your whole life that will benefit from superb goal-setting. Just read this book to learn how.

Popularity: Who or What is Best Liked and Why.

Understanding popularity is a perhaps unexpected asset to advancing one’s career. Popularity is something we think of mostly in terms of celebrity and maybe high school. However, popularity is important in career building. Being liked and respected are key to being able to garner the necessary support for a raise or a promotion. As Akdeniz explains, understanding all types of popularity — and the characteristics that unite things that are popular — can be a huge help in the business world as well as in the rest of life.

Steve Jobs Book: Things You Should Learn From Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs’ amazing success is a story worth telling and retelling. The secrets that made him a titan of technology can help anyone in any aspect of their lives. Some of the lessons in this book are more specific to business management, but many of them are life lessons that can be applied to one’s personal life or to one’s career. Learning how to “think different” could just be the thing that will get you ahead in life and at work. If anything, the lessons of Steve’s life can be that you can pull ahead by not being one of the pack.

Surpass the Average: Learn the Seven Traits of High Achievers.

Perhaps it is obvious that being a high achiever can be a huge boon to your career, but this book will help show you how to get there. If you want to be the sort of person who gets a lot done, this is the book you need to read. The tricks are laid out in seven easy, achievable steps.

The Nine Foundations of a Successful Career: A Guide for Reaching Success at Any Stage of Your Career.

This is a career building book for anyone. It explains how to make sure that your plans, goals, attitude, and work-life balance all coalesce into the best career advancement strategy possible.