Best Business Books of December 2014

Business Development Explained

You may hear the term “business development” bandied about in the business world. But if someone says, “I work in business development,” what exactly does that mean? Business development is a somewhat fluid term and if you ask ten different people, you may get ten different definitions. Nonetheless, as we move through this book we will try to develop a basic understanding of business development.

The Power of Being Focused

The Power of Being Focused is the result of my own journey to conquer focus and sharpen self-discipline. So often we complain that we fail at what we want to do on both a professional and personal level, but how often can we say we have the discipline to enable us to get to where we want to be? This book teaches that discipline. Instead of investing your time and energy in various things and methods, or finding culprits for your lack of success, give yourself a chance at a real change by firstly learning to do the most important thing you need in order to improve your work, your way of doing things and ultimately, your life altogether. What we hope through this book is to give the insights and core structure upon which you can build your own discipline, the one that best corresponds to your needs and personality and will enable you to switch to the right mind-set, set your ideal workflow in motion and make every minute of your life really count!

Lean Thinking Explained

Lean thinking is not a new concept; in fact, since the turn of the 20th Century lean principles been instrumental in the growth and transformation of industries and economies across the globe. Although the specific term was not coined until much later, the first advances in the lean thinking movement were made in the automotive manufacturing industry – with the innovative plant operations of Henry Ford and later the seminal restructuring of Toyota business operations by Taiichi Ohno. In recent decades, the principles of lean thinking have been extrapolated from their roots in manufacturing and applied to a number of other modern business structures, always with resounding success.

This book will guide you through the core aspects of lean thinking, allowing you to see how implementing this philosophy throughout your workforce could revolutionize your company, or even your entire industry. The key concept at the heart of lean thinking is striving to keep only what is valuable to the end customer. In the case of this book – the end customer is you: the reader. We have kept the material lean – shaving off any superfluous information – so the ideas you’ll find here can be easily digested, understood and implemented, with no time wasted on waffle.


Driving into the Future: How Elon Musk and Tesla Did It – The Disruption of the Auto Industry

Tesla Motors is undeniably one of the most exciting, innovative, and in-the-moment companies in the automotive industry, but the company’s reach will continue expanding much wider in the coming years. From its disruptive reputation to its forward-thinking leader Elon Musk, Tesla Motors has the potential to change the world as we know it. The question is, how have they done so much so quickly, and what is their secret to success? From business professionals looking for guidance to the everyday reader who wants a sneak preview of the future, this book highlights the intricate brilliance behind one of the most fascinating companies of the moment.