Best business books of 2014

Looking for best business books of 2014? Below we offer you our picks – true ‘gold mines’ with reference to extremely compelling and even entertaining insight into business issues.

FAST MBA: A Collection for Anyone Seeking to Master the Art of Business

fastmbacollectionFor many professionals, enrollment in an MBA programme is no longer the most practical route to furthering career goals. Not only does it entail massive cost and ongoing debt, but the fast-moving nature of modern business has rendered large swaths of traditional curricula almost irrelevant. This collection offers an alternative to the traditional pathways of business learning.

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MBA 2.0: Things You Won’t Learn in Business School

mba 2.0MBA 2.0 is way more exciting than sitting through actual MBA classes – and it teaches the reader all sorts of things you just won’t learn in business school. Even if you’re not a business owner, though, MBA 2.0 is filled with helpful insider info that will help along any career.


Cool Boss: The Art of Leadership in the 21st Century

cool bossThis book is great for bosses who want to learn the secrets of being a better boss – but it’s also a must-have for anyone who wants to learn some serious leadership skills. Based on the knowledge of the best cool bosses in business, Cool Boss reveals secrets about leadership and image that you’ve probably never even considered.

Go Nuts: The Art of Creativity and Innovation

go nuts

Go Nuts is the ultimate book for learning to pump up your creativity, no matter what field you’re in. See, you may be surprised to learn that there are certain things you can do and learn to increase your creativity – creativity isn’t something that’s entirely innate. No matter what field you’re in or where you are in your career, boosting your creativity is something that can help you in ways you might never be able to imagine.

Kill the Normal: The Secrets of Revolutionary Designs

kill the normalThis book is just plain interesting. Although it has a lot to teach about the culture of innovation, it’s also filled with interesting info about design innovations throughout history. Learn about the design innovations big names like Dyson, Apple, and Google came up with over the years and, more importantly, learn about the thought process that prompted those ideas. It’s informative and fun – and there’s no actual killing involved.


The Art of Hacking

the art of hackingThis book celebrates the lives and achievements of some of history’s greatest hackers: from Tim Berners-Lee to Jack Dorsey, from Leonardo da Vinci to Steve Jobs. Learn about who they were and how they functioned. Discover the characteristics that allow hackers to keep pushing forward, innovating, revolutionizing industries and changing the world.


Happy Company: How To Run a Business Like Google, Facebook, Zappos, Amazon, Coca Cola, Ernst & Young, VW, Nike, Apple, GE, and Intuit

happy companyAlthough Happy Company  sounds like a title geared toward CEOs who are interested in creating a happy company, it actually teaches a lot about happiness in general. The key to creating a happy company is creating a culture of happiness – which is something everyone could use in their lives.


Productivity Masterclass: Learning to Work Smarter and Faster

productivity masterclass

Everybody wants to work less and get more done. This book will help you do just that. Increasing your productivity will actually make you a happier person because you’ll have more time to enjoy your life and to do the things you want to do.


CEO School: Collective Wisdom of TOP CEOs

CEO School book by Can Akdeniz

You don’t have to be a CEO to benefit from the motivational and inspiring advice of CEOs. This book includes 125 short pieces of advice from 25 different CEOs. These are just business pieces of advice, though; they’re also pieces of advice that will help you in navigating life in general. It’s a quick read and a must-have for anyone, CEO or not.


The 9 Foundations of a Succesful Career: A Guide for Reaching Success at Any Stage of Your Career

The 9 Foundations of a Successful Career is the ultimate coaching guide to achieving outstanding success in your continuously developing career, and an indispensable tool for everyone who encountered difficulties along their professional path and needed a new, unbiased perspective that would help them overcome their obstacles.