Benefits of being an early riser

Are you a morning person? If not, maybe you should consider becoming one. Over the past few years a number of studies have indicated that early risers are more productive and actually more successful in life than those who get up later.

A Texas University study in 2008 showed that students who self-identified as “morning people” earned better grades than those who considered themselves night owls. Two years later, a Harvard professor determined that people who consistently woke up early were more proactive in their personal and professional lives. Other studies have even shown that early morning risers are more optimistic in life and less susceptible to anxiety and depression. Although night owls have been linked to creativity and intelligence, they are more prone to depression.

What do early risers do with the extra time their crack-of-dawn rising gives them every day? Many exercise. The benefits of exercise are many and well-documented, and if you exercise regularly, each workout gives you a boost of energy to help push you through the day. Also, regular exercise helps you sleep more deeply and soundly at night.

One of the other great benefits of becoming an early riser is that workday commutes become much easier when you’re out on the road before all the other traffic is even awake!