Career development in the hyperconnected world

In this day and age, nobody thinks of his or her current job as a lifelong commitment. Not only is this mindset no longer practical for the average worker, it’s also downright unappealing: people want careers that span different roles across different organizations and that tap into their deeper desires and potential. The changes in the nature of work are simultaneously extremely exciting and a bit scary. How does today’s professional navigate and continue to develop a career that will involve changing course multiple times? (more…)

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Does your organisation have a thought leader?

All of today’s most successful and innovative companies have an identifiable “idea czar” who leads the creative team into constantly upping their game. Google has Sergey Brin, Apple had Steve Jobs, Facebook has Mark Zuckerberg. This person exists in every company, and it’s your job to find and leverage him or her into the most effective position.

Allow your creative team to flourish independently an encourage them to think freely. The team that created Apple’s Macintosh flew a pirate flag from their workspace, and Steve Jobs loved it. It’s that kind of culture of creative excitement that you want to emulate.

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Famous failures

When you think of names like Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, and Walt Disney, you think of people who were vastly successful by any measure. They weren’t always that way, though.

Although we now think of him as one of the Big Three responsible for winning World War II, Winston Churchill’s road to becoming prime minister was a rather difficult one. Before becoming Britain’s foremost political figure at the age of 62, Churchill was defeated in every attempt he made to run for public office. Earlier in life, he even failed sixth grade.

When he was a school child, one of his teachers told Thomas Edison that he was, “too stupid to learn anything.” Although ultimately he became famous as the inventor of the light bulb, before finding a bulb that would work, he bumbled his way through 100 lighting duds. His reaction? “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

When Walt Disney worked for newspapers, one editor fired him because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” His first studio went bankrupt just a year after it was founded and 15 years later he was hovering on the verge of bankruptcy again when the release of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” became the most successful picture of 1938, earning over $8 million on its initial release.

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Ponzi Scheme

A pyramid selling scheme that uses cash from new customers to pay previous investors. They are a fraudulent type of investment plan because they do not actually generate new money and instead just recycle funds among investors.

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