9 foundations of a successful career

Weather you’re in high school and starting to look down the path your life will take, or you’ve had a job or two and looking to turn it into a career – we have some foundational advice for helping you to get started or keep moving in your career. This publication is an overview; there will be a book , which explain each of these items in detail that will follow. So with that, let’s go ahead and get started:

1. Drive

This is the place inside one’s psyche that pushes them toward their goals, whatever they are. It’s that “get up and go” that everyone has, and it’s usually related to one’s employment being aligned with one’s passions. If you find yourself lacking in this area, it’s usually because what you’re working on is not aligned with your passion. Not to worry, there are exercises you can do to help illuminate your passions and get you pointed in the right direction to take advantage of your natural drive and desire to be productive.

2. Super Goal

Goals are of utmost importance because it’s how you set your direction and determine steps toward the career of your dreams. You should start by looking at how you define success in light of your career. There’s no way to say if you’re successful or not if there’s no goal to measure against. While you can’t plan out every facet of your life, “Super Goals” refers to your life goals, or what some people call the bucket list. Your career will allow you to be financially stable enough to accomplish these things.

3. Keep Learning

Education is often the best place to start when you’re looking at building a foundation for your career. Not all professions require a degree, but most will require at a minimum a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree. The key with education really is that you must continually develop and fine-tune your skills, it’s not over when you’ve gotten the degree. Technology is a fairly easy place to stay in the know, and it’s always coming up with something new.

4. Charisma

This is something really important to at least understand, if not embrace. You’ll likely have a manager whose job it is to support you and help you be successful, so understanding their role in your career is worth a few moments notice. Additionally, if you’re the “leadership” type of person (not everyone is), it will be useful to include these aspirations in your goal setting. Perhaps looking into some management courses would be a good idea for you too, though all the leadership training in the world will not force you to be charismatic. Charisma is what the most successful leaders in the world possess.

5. Love what you do

Most people don’t get to work their dream job, or even like the company they work for. The important piece here is to find something about your job or people you work with that you love, also to look for employment that aligns with your passions in life. There are few feelings better than truly loving your life’s work, and feeling good about your contributions to the company and to the world around you.

6. Fight for your goals

A successful career is built on the ability to get where you want to go and accomplish your goals. This path is not the easy one, and is filled with obstacles, distractions, and off-ramps. You must fight internally and externally to achieve true success.

7. Have fun

Anywhere you work you’ll need to find a way to have fun, otherwise you’ll be miserable and have a bad attitude impacting those around you as well. Even if it’s a grunt, thankless job, there is a way to find the silver lining and have some fun!

8. Be good to people

An important characteristic for anyone looking to have a career where you work with other people (which, let’s face it, is a majority of the options out there). It is important to be able to recognize emotions in other people and be able to respond appropriately. Much of this quality is natural, but there are some things a career minded person could actively do to make these skills stronger.

9. Sound work-life balance

This is critical for any type of employment you may choose. Weather you’re the CEO or the brand new sales guy – it is important to make time for yourself and your family while growing your career. Otherwise you run the risk of burning out!