7 ways to make money online

The internet is a vast place – but in that place are tons of ways to make money. Not get-rich-quick schemes, but just reasonable ways to earn some money, either on the side or as a full income. Here are some online earning options that many people use to put some extra cash in their pockets:

1. Fiverr.

Fiverr is a website that allows people to sell just about any service they can think of for five bucks. Sellers create gigs with images and descriptions and buyers can search for gigs in their field of interest. Gigs include things like installing WordPress plugins, doing a voiceover, editing a document, and analyzing a site’s SEO. There are also much more bizarre gigs, like people who carve bananas, make prank videophone calls, or record videos of themselves singing while dressed up in strange costumes. No matter what your skills – or lack thereof – if you can think of the gig, somebody will probably buy it. Some people make a living from Fiverr, but for most it’s just a great way to pick up a few dollars on the side every month.

2. AdSense.

If you run a blog or website, you can sign up for AdSense. Google’s AdSense pays websites that sign up to have AdSense ads appear on the site. There are some caveats with AdSense, though. You have to follow Google’s content rules very closely. That means your content cannot contain copyright-protected material. You cannot have racist, violent, or pornographic content. You can’t advocate any illegal activities. You can’t artificially drive users to click on the ads (like by promising to pay them if they click). They aren’t incredibly hard rules to follow, but it is very important to follow them, or Google will ban you from AdSense. Also, if you are using the free version of WordPress, you can’t use AdSense (although WordPress has its own WordAds that you can sign up for). Finally, you should be aware that you generally need to be getting at least a few hundred unique hits per day in order for AdSense to be work well for you.

3. Affiliate marketing.

Amazon and ClickBank are some of the biggest affiliate marketing operations out there. With affiliate marketing, you sign up to market products on your website and then you get paid every time that somebody purchases the product through your site. While Amazon and ClickBank allow you to choose from a large array of products, there are also many companies that have affiliate marketing opportunities that allow you to sell just their products.

4. Sell stock photos.

You don’t have to be a shutterbug to sell stock photos to places like ShutterStock and Fotolia. You just have to be decent at taking pictures and develop a sense for what types of pictures sell. Some stock photos sites have critique forums so you can learn more about what sells and what doesn’t.

5. EBay.

If you do it right you can make a lot of money on EBay. After you sell the old things you don’t want anymore, you can start offering to sell other people’s things for a commission – you’d be surprised at how many people don’t want the hassle of selling it themselves. Remember when you’re selling on EBay that it is very important to keep a good seller rating, so always describe your items accurately, communicate politely, and put it in the mail promptly. If you don’t like EBay, there are other options, like Amazon and Craiglist.

6. Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Amazon Mechanical Turk lists thousands of tasks online and many of them only take a few seconds apiece. Of course, if the task only takes 30 seconds to complete, you’re only going to get paid a few cents for it. There are thousands of listings, though, so you can keep doing those short tasks, one after another, and your hourly rate might come out pretty decent. Of course, that requires being able to put up with a lot of monotony. There are also longer gigs on Amazon Mechanical Turk, such as hour-long transcription tasks. If you find that you like doing small assignments, there are other similar sites such as microworkers.com.

7. Write articles.

There are tons of sites where you can sell your writing. Some sites – like Elance – have buyers post jobs for which writers submit bids. Other sites, like constant-content.com, allow writers to submit articles and then buyers look through the available options and decide. Still other sites – like WritersAccess – post jobs for a set fee and allow any qualified writer to pick up any job. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these scenarios. With Elance, the bidding process can be difficult because there are so many applicants for decent jobs. Once you find a good client, though, Elance can be very fruitful. Constant-content pays quite well, but you have no guarantee that the article will sell once you list it. WritersAccess is mostly small $5 and $10 jobs, but there is no onerous bidding process and each assignment can be completed pretty quickly.