6 things successful people do on weekend

You probably spend a lot of time during the week thinking about what it takes to be successful. It’s not just the workweek activities that you should be paying attention to, though; successful people also make use of their weekends in a way that maximizes their productivity during the workweek. Here are six things that successful people do during their weekends:

1. Work out. Exercising boosts your energy, so it can really help you enter the new workweek feeling refreshed. Did you know that sitting for prolonged periods of time – like at a desk job – has been correlated with a shorter lifespan? Exercising – even if it’s just on the weekends because you don’t have time during the workweek can

2. Don’t work. Okay, it’s not as if you can’t work at all on the weekends if you want to be successful – that just isn’t realistic. However, it’s uber-important to get some time to unplug. Don’t spend your whole weekend responding to emails or making phone calls. It’s best to create chunks of time where you specifically avoid dealing with emails and phone calls.

3. Don’t do chores. Although one option to avoid doing chores is to simply stop doing laundry and cleaning the house, a more realistic option is to either do them during the week or else to create a specific time for doing chores. Don’t let chores drag out over the whole weekend and eat up all your time to relax. Feeling like you’ve had some time to relax is a really important part of feeling able to tackle the workweek with a maximal amount of productivity.

4. Network. Although the word “network” contains the word “work,” networking can be fun. It might not have an immediate impact on your career, but networking is great investment in your future. One of the big things that makes successful people stand out from others is the degree to which they network.

5. Socialize. Networking is a form of socialization, but obviously it isn’t the only form. Instead of networking, you also might to simply socialize. Because humans are social creatures, studies have shown that socialization is a key component of happiness. One particularly satisfying way to socialize is by getting involved in the community – look into non-profit and volunteer opportunities.

6. Rest. Although it’s important to engage in active pursuits like networking, socializing, and working out, it’s also necessary to rest during your weekend. If you found yourself getting sleep-deprived during the week, find time to catch up on the weekend. Even if you (somehow) got enough sleep during the week, make sure you make some time to kick back and relax during the weekend. Although weekend activities are great, it isn’t a good idea to make your weekend as jam-packed with activities as your work week.

Can Akdeniz

Can Akdeniz is the author of seven books and founder of Business Hacker, a popular business blog. His books such as Go Nuts, Cool Boss, Happy Company and MBA 2.0 have changed how people think about business, productivity and work.