6 interesting Steve Jobs facts

Most people have probably heard of Steve Jobs. He was an innovator, a leader, a marketing genius, and he serves as a model for many wishing to become entrepreneurs. However, there are many things not very known about Steve Jobs, and this article will list some of them:

1. He was a risk-taker

When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple, they were both pretty sure they’ll fail. After all, Apple was just an idea at the time, one of the many startups struggling to stay afloat. In fact, Wozniak was sure they won’t even get back the money they had invested. Jobs’ answer says it all: “Yeah, we’ll lose our money, but at least we will be able to say we had a company.

2. He valued experience more than education

Steve Jobs was not a good student. He had a GPA of 2.65/4. He didn’t enjoy school much and he dropped out of college after only one semester. However, he did assist some of the classes that interested him for the next 18 months afterwards. He considered that education was important, but that it kept you from gaining practical experience.

3. He did not care much for charitable projects

Steve Jobs cancelled Apple’s charity programs because they weren’t profitable. Of course, they never become profitable, so they were never restarted.

4. He understood the importance of ownership

Steve Jobs had his team’s signatures inscribed on a plate of metal which was then placed inside each Macintosh computer they sold.

5. He paid very close attention to details

Steve Jobs had a team design packaging that would cause excitement to people while opening it. That included people who would open boxes over and over and note the emotional responses they got.

6. He had a 1$ salary for over 10 years

Of course, he wasn’t solely relying on his CEO salary. He owned Apple stocks and a great deal of Disney shares from since he had sold Pixar, plus he would also rent his private jet. Furthermore, his low salary as a CEO meant he paid less to the government in taxes for dividends from his stocks.