6 Books that shaped the business world in 2013

There doesn’t seem to be any doubts that, in terms of business books, 2013 was a very generous and relevant year. Indeed, lots of great releases that do an amazing job at informing and educating but also at being very inspirational for our future endeavors. Below we offer you our top 6 picks – true ‘gold mines’ with reference to extremely compelling and even entertaining insight into current business issues.

1.Title: The Art of Selling Yourself: The Simple Step-by-Step Process for Success in Business and Life

Author: Adam Riccoboni and Daniel Callaghan

About the book: The book lays out the mechanisms and elements of a business philosophy proposed as the crucial key to understanding and achieving success; at the core of this philosophy we find that getting to know how to ‘sell yourself’ is probably the fundamental objective that best shapes your working life.

2. Title: The Billionaire and the Mechanic: How Larry Ellison and a Car Mechanic Teamed Up to Win Sailing’s Greatest Race, the America’s Cup

Author: Julian Guthrie

About the book: Yes, the title is long as in a tale but yes, this tale is so enjoyable. We are tenaciously pulled into the story of how billionaire Larry Ellison engaged the pursuit of the America’s Cup and how he surprisingly partnered up in his quest with a Croatian immigrant radiator-shop owner. Ellison’s struggle to win the race is described in analogy with his determination in conducting his software business.

3. Title: The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon

Author: Brad Stone

About the book: Jeff Bezos’s success is definitely one of the most inspiring business stories of the decade. He managed to build a giant from selling mail-order books and, along the way, also conquered the cloud computing market. Brad Stone gives abundant information about Bezos: his first steps into the business world, and how he kept himself driven while climbing the path to entrepreneurial leadership.

4. Title: The Alchemists: Inside the Secret World of Central Bankers

Author: Neil Irwin

About the book: A unique and most enlightening inquiry behind the curtains of today’s economy, casting light on the strings that linked capitalism to the state throughout history. The book is undeniably revelatory pointing to the source and origin of the mighty money but also suggesting its future route. Neil Irwin offers one of the most discerning and thorough investigations involving the central bank and its role in this game of power.

5. Title: Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

Author: Sheryl Sandberg and Nell Scovell

About the book: A book examining the validity behind ways women can follow to help themselves; presenting those small changes that once implemented can have a huge life-shaping impact. Sandberg and Scovell throw in and mix in a vey entertaining way a considerable volume of humor, data and personal experience to convince us to reconsider our ‘methods’ and choices both at work and in life.

6.Title: The Business of Belief

Author: Tom Asacker

About the book: ‘The Business of Belief’ shoots straight at some core issues in the business and also self-managing landscape. Asacker agilely introduces us to what belief is and how it functions with regard to our commitment to reach a goal. His work reveals what leaders apply in terms of belief to influence, improve and succeed.

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Can Akdeniz

Can Akdeniz is the author of seven books and founder of Business Hacker, a popular business blog. His books such as Go Nuts, Cool Boss, Happy Company and MBA 2.0 have changed how people think about business, productivity and work.