6 Best Motivational Books

Motivation can be a tricky thing. Part of the key is to learn about the self-improvement tips and positive mindset that will keep you motivated in the right direction. Can Akdeniz has written a number of powerful books that are both inspiring and motivational, so if you’re looking for motivational reads, look no further than the extensive library of books written by this established business author.

Productivity Masterclass: Learning to Work Smarter and Faster.

This is a relatively quick read at under 100 pages, but it offers a ton of valuable information about how to maximize your productivity. It’s much easier to maintain motivation if you are productive enough to have enough free time to maintain a good work-life balance.

Do You Have a Goal: The Art of Goal Setting.

Released toward the end of 2014, this book gives a great set of tips on how to set goals that will enable you to change your life in a positive direction. Goal setting helps make it easier to stay motivated because it gives you a clear object to which you can turn your motivation. In this book, Akdeniz explains why good goal setting is important in life in general, not just in your career.

How to Say NO: Say Yes to Yourself by Saying NO to Others.

No doesn’t sound like a terribly motivating word, but learning how to say no can be incredibly important in insuring that you are able to move forward in the directions that you want to and not in the directions that someone else prescribes for you. Learning how to say no will help give you a better view of yourself and improve your self-esteem which will, in turn, improve your motivation.

Kill Time Wasters: Regain the Control Over Your Life by Eliminating All Irrelevant Things.

This book is great for helping your pare down the distractions in your life, the things that suck up your time and ultimately get both between you and your goals and between you and your personal life. At just under 40 pages, it’s a quick read, but it’s filled with excellent suggestions and pointers to help you boost your life in the right direction.

How Jack Ma Did It: An Analysis of AliBaba’s Success.

Jack Ma’s success story is amazing and motivating. He grew up in a repressive era of Chinese history and founded an internet company at a time when the internet was not huge in China. Now, it’s a hugely powerful company with tons of subsidiaries. Ma entered the internet business without a lot of background in the field, but his determination, willingness to learn, and lucky and strategic decision-making ultimately enabled him to succeed in a massively inspiring way.

Organize Your Brain: Stress Less, Do More.

Learning how to do more in less time always makes it easier to stay motivated. When you know that the end is in sight, it’s easier to work more quickly and effectively, so learning better organization skills is beneficial in a number of ways. This 34-page book is a quick and easy primer on effective organization.