5 ways to boost your creativity

1. Take risks. That doesn’t mean that you have to go skydiving or buy a motorcycle. Just realize that sometimes you need to take risks to step ahead. Remember, not all risks are monetary. Risking failure doesn’t cost you anything but your pride – unless you succeed, and then the awards are bountiful.

2. Believe in your ability. Your creative ability, that is. Trust your creative instincts when following through on a new idea. You can still maintain a good understanding of your limitations without failing to believe in yourself. No, you’re not Superman and you can’t do everything – but if you let your creative juices flow and follow your gut, you can always be creative.

3. Keep a journal. It doesn’t have to be of the traditional “Dear Diary” variety, but keeping a journal is a great way to track new ideas, or even put them on ice to return to later.

4. Find inspiration. Inspiration doesn’t always come to you – sometimes you have to go out and find it. Read, watch a new television show, surf strange web sites, or attend a lecture. Exposing yourself to new concepts and ideas is the key to staying inspired.

5. Play Devil’s advocate. The Wright brothers are said to have switched sides when debating to help the discussion. Playing your own devil’s advocate will force out your creativity as you find yourself entertaining new ideas.

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