5 Tips for Creative Marketing

Marketing your products on the present market can be a hassle. Nowadays you’re not only facing local competition, you’re competing with businesses from all over the world. Furthermore, there are so many channels through which you can market your products that it’s pretty hard to prioritize and, ultimately, decide on which to focus. That being said, it’s vital for you to make every marketing campaign count – the fate of your business depends on it.

One possible solution to this problem is creative marketing. And, if you’re interested in giving it a try, here are a few tips that might help you get the attention of potential clients and get them to spread the word about your business:

1. Lock target! Identify the target public and the channels through which you’ll have the greatest success reaching them. Don’t focus on just those who will buy the products if they’re not also those who will be using them, or if someone will most likely have an influence over their decision.

2. Create buzz! Announce your campaign days or weeks before it starts. Make people wonder what it’s all about. Create intriguing ads and don’t forget the importance of social media platforms!

3. Focus on your products! Your marketing campaign needs to be centered on the products or services you are offering. Focus on WHAT makes them special and WHY people should be buying your products and not those of the competition.

4. Make it memorable! The more memorable your campaign is, the more will people remember it and talk about it. And familiarity increases attractiveness, which means those people will consider your products much more attractive the next time they’re going shopping.

5. Involve people! If you can afford it, organize events in which you can involve regular people. Take photos and record videos of the event, and then use them as campaign promotional material.

There are many examples of creative marketing campaigns out there, and we can learn a little bit from each one. The main thing you need to remember, however, is to be unique; instead of copying, adapt campaigns to fit the profile of your company.