5 things every creative person should know

There are thousands of people out there that claim to hold the secret of creativity. While there are an unlimited amount of creative possibilities in the world, there are just as many ways to miss out on your moments to pursue a creative endeavor. One of the greatest tragedies of modern life is the amount of distractions we have to sift through every single day. If you are a truly passionate person who wants to change the world in some way, then simplifying your focus and opening your eyes to the creative opportunities around you.

Some of the most creative individuals of modern times have blazed new trails in various industries throughout the globe. They have blended the proud traditions of creativity with the ever-changing world of today and have continued to push forward their specific fields. My new book, Go Nuts: The Art of Creativity and Innovation, collects a number of these stories from around the world into a comprehensive guidebook for the creative process. Below are some of the 5 key points that are pushing the boundaries of creativity even further.

1) You can’t be afraid to let yourself explore the grey area between reality and fiction. The impossible is only defined by limitations that we impose on ourselves. Haruki Murakami, the famed Japanese novelist, has built an impressive body of work that blends the lines of “the possible”. He isn’t dictated by the constructs of fiction, nor is he afraid of finding the creative spark in everyday situations, making his writing a fascinating journey into the imaginative world that we so often overlook.

2) Politics isn’t one of the most common areas where creativity is put on display, but in recent years, some drastic changes have been occurring. Barack Obama has changed the landscape of politics, particularly in terms of using social media and connecting with his constituents. Since creativity is so dynamic, it must be updated and constantly reconsidered. There may be traditional standards of creativity, but you need to connect with people in modern and relevant ways to remain in the public eye.

3) Many creative individuals in the past have dedicated themselves to a single industry of discipline of thought and have made a career strictly following that narrow avenue of creativity. In the globalized world where everything seems to be overlapping, combining different influences and ideas is the only way forward. Premiere chefs like Ferran Adria have begun to mix science, philosophy, and the culinary arts to create brilliant fusions of art and food that make us reconsider everything we thought we knew about food and restaurants.

4) The Internet is certainly a dominant force in our lives, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to disappear any time soon. Since so many industries are now invoved in the Digital Era, it is essential not to get stuck in old ways of thinking. Don’t accept anything as permanent or static. Netflix has single-handedly revolutionized the way that millions of people get their fill of entertainment, and they have kept their eyes on the future to predict the needs of their customers, so they never find themselves behind the times.

5) Science has traditionally been considered to be in opposition of creativity, but a new influx of scientific creativity has resulted in some potentially world-changing advancements. Researchers at the University of Engineering and Technology in Peru have created a system to directly pull water from the air in order to provide potable water for thousands of people. This billboard has the potential to change the way that people in thousands of places around the world acquire the most essential liquid on Earth. Creativity has a massive place in science; it all depends on perspective!

Go Nuts: The Art of Creativity and Innovation covers more than a dozen other fascinating examples of modern creativity. This book represents a new perspective on an age-old problem – how to find creativity in every corner of the world. It is an essential addition to any creative person’s bookshelf and will inspire new directions of thought, regardless of your field of interest.

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