4 life lessons from True Blood

The HBO smash hit True Blood is between seasons right now, but that certainly doesn’t mean that fans have forgotten about the trials and travails of Sookie Stackhouse and her various vampirical lovers and werecreature friends. While you’re waiting around for season seven to start (slated for summer 2014 as of now), here are some life lessons that True Blood has taught us over the past six seasons:

1. You need a team. Vampires are generally solitary creatures. When we first meet Bill in the beginning of the series, he is very much a loner. However, as the series goes on, we start to see more and more situations in which vampires need to work not only with each other but also with humans (or part-humans like Sookie) or even werewolves in order to survive. No matter how much of a loner you are, sometimes you need a team behind you.

2. No matter how powerful you are, sometimes you lose a battle. Vampires are more powerful than humans, but nonetheless there are plenty of occasions where we see vampires in captured in silver, even by humans. For instance, in the first episode of the series, Bill nearly got killed by humans in search of vampire blood. Later in the series, the even more powerful vampire Eric goes into a state of complete amnesia as the result of a witch’s spell. Shortly after that, another spell cast by witches nearly leads to the true death of all vampires. Ultimately the vampires survive, but the point is that, at times, even these supernaturally powerful created are almost best by far less powerful beings. Sometimes you lose a battle along the way.

3. People (and vampire, werewolves, etc.) change. When we first meet Bill, he’s the ultimate nice (if incredibly dangerous) guy. By season six, he’s become a completely different creature, seeking a vampire supremacy. He’s certainly no longer the nice, mysterious stranger that we met in the first episode. Eric, on the other hand, has made the reverse transition. He seemed sadistic and unlikable in the first season, but a few seasons in to the series, all we want is to see Sookie and Eric finally end up together. He’s become one person (albeit a dead one) that Sookie can count on completely – much more so than Bill. Pessimists often say that people don’t really change, but if vampires can change, then people certainly can as well.

4. Don’t prejudge a person/vampire/werewolf. When vampires first “come out of the coffin,” many people assume terrible things about them. As Sookie discovers, they aren’t all terrible. Some are, some aren’t – just like humans. The first season holds an important lessons in not prejudging people when the killer lurking about town is, in fact, not the new vampire in the area, but the seemingly nice human boyfriend of one of Sookie’s co-workers.

Any theories about how the series will end? Feel free to put in your two cents in the comments section below – or just wait until summer 2014 and find out for sure!

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