4 books you should read instead of taking MBA

Enrollment in an MBA programme is no longer the most practical route to furthering career goals. Not only does it entail massive cost and ongoing debt, but the fast-moving nature of modern business has rendered large swaths of traditional curricula almost irrelevant. The following 4- books offers an alternative to the traditional pathways of business learning.

mba 2.0MBA 2.0 teaches you all the things you won’t learn in business school. Business schools are still adapting to the modern business environment, and many teach antiquated theories. MBA 2.0 teaches you what you really need to know by focusing on 38 distinct topics. Workplace psychology, motivation, time management, career development, and personal development techniques are all addressed. Also, the book offers analyses of mega shifts and predictions for how the business world will develop in the future. Topics such as social media, innovation, strategic thinking, hyper-connectivity, and leadership qualities are all discussed at length.


happy companyHappy Company shares 14 simple concepts that will help you create a successful business. Many companies – including Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple – have achieved their current levels of success by understanding the importance of setting happiness as a major business goal. Happy Company will help you learn how to use creative compensation strategies, realistic approaches to building company happiness, and visionary leadership to achieve the happy and healthy company that you want. Although profits do not always lead to happiness, happiness does lead to profits and success and Happy Company will help you learn how to achieve the right kind of happiness to ensure the business success that you desire. Happiness doesn’t just affect company employees, though; Happy Company also deals with developing customer loyalty, standing out from the competition, and maximizing stakeholder trust and support.

CEO School book by Can AkdenizCEO School is collection of the wisdom of 25 of today’s top CEOs. A quick and engaging read, CEO School will allow you to learn everything that the top minds of the business world know in a matter of hours instead of through years of trial and failure. How do CEOs develop leadership skills? How do they develop the visionary thinking that leads them to be innovative and successful? How do they make sure that they stand out from the crowd? CEO School answers questions just like these as well as many others in its 125 pieces of sound business advice. Learn from the greatest business minds and successful trailblazers of modern industry with simple, sound advice that you can apply to your career.


go nutsGo Nuts is a guide to developing the uber-important talents of creativity and innovation. As Akdeniz explains, though, it isn’t enough merely to be creative and innovative; you also need to know precisely how to follow through and bring your ideas to fruition. That is the stage at which far too many innovators fail – they don’t know how to see their ideas through. In Go Nuts, Akdeniz analyzes exact situations so that you can understand how to go about making a follow-through plan for your particular idea in your particular situation. Akdeniz also address the creative process and discusses examples of successful innovation so that you can begin to analyze what types of innovations are likely to be most successful in your area of expertise.