10 ways to kick-start a great year

Everybody flirts with the idea of having the chance to start anew especially when it comes to those projects or changes they’ve been longing to undertake. Fortunately for us, all, at least once a year it’s easier to make resolutions and vow to take that extra step closer to our goals. Unfortunately, however, more often than not, with the passing of another year we just added to the pile of unfulfilled resolutions. So what to do to make sure this time around you’ll make good on that promise to yourself?

Here are some suggestions meant to help you connect better to the energy of this new year and get that super-start you want and are capable of.

1. Mind your eating habits.

At first impression you might be surprised that we choose this to be the first principle to consider for the year ahead; however, since always one thing leads to another, eating healthy, at reasonable hours, and without involving other activities during meals would mean more energy, more discipline, more awareness towards a healthy body and a healthy mind.

2. Mind your thoughts.

Start paying more attention to what circulates your head and leaves your mouth; the quality of the thoughts we let in and out, in other words, what we allow ourselves to be concerned with shapes our reality. Fixing a higher standard for yourself in terms of language selection is a whole lot more crucial than you think in achieving excellent results.

3. Mind your body.

(We just loved the pun here) This has to do with you being determined to commit to scheduling a fitness routine daily. It can be joining a yoga, taiji or karate class, hiring a personal trainer, or working out in your back yard to the delight of your neighbors’ kids. Doesn’t matter. Just do it!

4. Reduce stress.

Yeah, this means getting smarter with how you let things affect you (also mind point #2); notice where you get your stress from – maybe it’s external sources causing it or maybe it’s mainly just you used to being your worse enemy. Whatever the cause, learn to step back, relax and take the pressure off your shoulders.

5. Increase productivity.

This one implies so many aspects on so many different levels (see our other posts on the topic). It would be a great idea to kick start the New Year by introducing some changes into your living or working space. This will create in turn a very optimized mood that can unlock your creative potential which leads us to the next step on the list.

6. Get more creative, get inspiration from others.

Allowing yourself to find that little or bigger something that pulls out your creative and inspiring self is one of the best things you can do for yourself when starting fresh. An activity meant to make you enjoy life and yourself and maybe others as well more! You can be very help finding a model or a mentor (or more) to inspire you.

7. Kick off a business plan.

Had this crazy idea for a long time but just always found excuses to postpone acting upon it? Take this year as finally your chance of getting it done! Write down your tasks, objectives, plans and ideas and develop a strategy. Don’t shy away from improvement and admitting your limits. Get in the research mood: read books and any useful material on the topic. Make it happen!

8. Reinvent yourself.

This may be just as simple as changing your hairstyle or revamping your wardrobe. It will inspire you, build confidence and awaken the appetite for new!

9. Do something you are afraid of doing.

Although it doesn’t have to be a daily mission as Eleanor Roosevelt told it, but approaching from time to time things you are not normally comfortable with, will empower your sooner than expected with an invigorating felling of self-reliance and ‘bring it on’ attitude. Love the challenge!

10. Make time for yourself (read being alone).

In case you don’t already appreciate solitude, it’s time you did! How can you ever accomplish something great if you don’t take the time to meet and know the accomplisher? If you haven’t noticed by now, all successful people talk about the importance of meditation. That is time spent ALONE. You need your own space and that is perfectly healthy and normal. How that is defined, depends on each of us but once you learn what to do with yourself when alone, you will never feel lonely in that depressing way ever again. Ever. Again.

(11). Don’t forget your resolution!

Making resolutions and setting up goals feels great. However, not getting to work right away will soon change that feeling into one not so rewarding and pleasant. Most of people don’t even get past the first starting steps and that’s because they begin the year with… procrastination (you know, the I’ll start from tomorrow/Monday/next week mental frame)! Any-second-longer-it’s-too-late attitude is a life changer. Keep your goals/plans written down somewhere where you can see them everyday so you’ll be constantly reminded of your mission and about your next step because, very often, just to protect ourselves from self-esteem shrinking the mirror of failure would create, our mind chooses to apparently forget about initial plans.

So here it is, you have a great list in front of you that only points to the one you should be doing right now yourself for this year in case you haven’t already done it.

Can Akdeniz

Can Akdeniz is the author of seven books and founder of Business Hacker, a popular business blog. His books such as Go Nuts, Cool Boss, Happy Company and MBA 2.0 have changed how people think about business, productivity and work.