10 Richest People of the World in 2014

Bill Gates’ name is likely resonate in your mind first when you think of a top ten richest people in the world. The billionaire became known not only because of his wealth, but also thanks to the generosity of the year proves, getting involved in various humanitarian activities.

10. Jim Walton is the brother of Christy Walton, ranked 9 among the richest people in the world. Jim has 65 years and is president of Arvest Bank Group, depending who helped to raise a fortune of 34.3 billion dollars. After his brother’s death, he took his place on the board of Walmart.

9. Here is a lady who occupy a deserved place in the top 10 richest people in the world. She is Christy Walton, is 58 years and is co-chairman Children’s Scholarship Fund. Christy, whose fortune amounted to EUR 35 billion, is the widow of John Walton, son of Walmart founder chain stores.

8. Larry Ellison is the founder and president of Oracle is 69 years old and has a fortune estimated at 39 billion dollars. Oracle company shares are divided between him and other investors, so Larry owns only 29% of them.

7. David Koch has 73 years and is Vice president of Koch Industries. Its activities require greater involvement in company management, so David oversees their affairs at home.

6. American Charles Koch has 78 years and is president of Koch Industries, a company known in areas such as petrochemical and energy industry. Founder wealth rises to the fabulous sum of 44.8 billion dollars, which she shares with her ​​brother, No. 7 in the top 10 richest people in the world.

5. Ingvar Kamprad is 87 years and is the founder of IKEA, the brand that brought 49.1 billion dollars in the 70 years of existence. Commercial talent was felt at the tender age of 17, when he started selling consumer goods, from pens and wallets to watches and jewelry. Four years later, he was involved in sales of furniture.

4. Amancio Ortega is a Spanish origin, is 77 years old and has a fortune estimated at 54.8 billion dollars. Although magnate gave up studies at the age of 13 years, it seems that choice had negative consequences: he worked in a shop where clothes were sold. Not to forget an important factor in the further evolution of Ortega namely that came from a rich family.

3. Warren Buffett is 82 years and is director of Berkshire Hathaway, whose headquarters is in Nebraska. His fortune amounted to about $ 60.3 billion, and the company that brought profit consists of numerous subsidiaries, with various fields: transport, furniture, construction, insurance, sales of jewelry.

2. Carlos Slim Helu is a Mexican, is 73 years old and his fortune is now estimated at 61.8 billion dollars. By 2013, the shares held by Carlos in companies whose president is worth 73 billion dollars, which propelled it at the top of the stack.

1. Microsoft founder regained this year, the title of “richest man in the world” that had been invested in the last four years Mexican businessman Carlos Slim Helu home.

Bill Gates, aged 58 years, managed to increase their wealth in the last 12 months with no more than 15.8 billion dollars, so that it now exceeds the astounding amount of 78 billion dollars.