10 Highest Paid Coaches of 2014

The ranking of the highest paid coaches in the world was published this afternoon on a specialized website in Brazil, and Mourinho is the top crude short distance from Ancelotti.

Real Madrid’s coach wins more than 15 million gross, but taxes in Spain are 52%, remaining a net gain of 7.344 million euros. In these circumstances, Ancelotti is on first place in net earnings, with 7.425 million euros, taxes in France with 45%. Gross Ancelotti is 2, 13 and a half million.

Capello ends podium, while Lippi and Rijkaard are places 4 and 5.

Top 10 of the best paid coaches in the world (amounts in euro):
1. Carlo Ancelotti (PSG) 7.425.000
2. Jose Mourinho (Real Madrid) 7.344.000
3. Fabio Capello (Russia) 6.786.000
4. Marcelo Lippi (Guangzhou, China) 5.500.000
5. Frank Rijkaard (Saudi Arabia)  5.300.000
6. Alex Ferguson (Manchester United) 5.170.000
7. Arsene Wenger (Arsenal) 5.115.000
8. Guus Hiddink (Anji Mahacikala) 4.565.000
9. Paulo Autuori (Qatar) 3.600.000
10. Tito Vilanova (Barcelona) 3.600.000