10 Best Paid CEOs of 2014

The best paid CEOs in the world have salaries that state presidents or business owners only dream brand. In most large companies, the post of Chairman (CEO) is the function you want and a lot of employees, but is not so easily obtained, being the highest executive position in the administrative management of a company.

See 10 best paid CEOs of 2014 below:

Gerald Rubin – 41,6 mln dollars
Helen of Troy, the company that distributes name brands such as Gross and Pert Plus, had record sales at the end of the fiscal year in February 2013, helping him Gerald Rubin to go home with 29 million dollars.

Richard Bracken – 46,4 mln dollars
It pays generous to drive the largest chain of hospitals nation. Bracken retires at the end, after spending more than 30 years at HCA, but definitely the 21.4 million dollars of shares will help in retirement.

E. Hunter Harrison – 49,2 mln dollars
Hunter Harrison’s salary is very swollen in large part because of an agreement with Canadian Pacific in the firm she finances a pension that he lost when he left the former company in 2012, but he still receives eight digits of the shares only for his work .

David Zaslav – 49,9 mln dollars
Research firm Morningstar called Discovery Channel “the largest distribution brand in the world”. Reach in over 200 countries and profitable cable channels such as Animal Planet and TLC, all thanks to David Zaslav.

John Hammergren – 51,7 mln dollars
John Hammergren, CEO of distributor of medical devices and pharmaceuticals McKensson, not only has one of the highest salaries of an American corporation, but also has one of the most generous “golden parachute”. Could make 303,400,000 dollars if he leave the company.

Leslie Moonves – 62,2 mln dollars
That Moonves drive the most viewed television network in America is a good reason for wage to be generous.

Robert Kotick – 64,9 mln dollars
Activision Blizzard – the maker of success game Call of Duty and World of Warcraft – rewarded CEO, Robert Kotick by more than 60% of the shares in 2013.

Mario Gabelli – 69 mln dollars
The ownership of 99% of Gamco Investors, founder and CEO, Matio Gabelli has almost total control over his company. The take home 69 million dollars in 2012, representing 20% of total revenues of Gamco

Larry Ellison – 77 mln dollars
Ellison, founder and CEO of software maker Oracle’s long on lists of the best paid CEO.

Elon Musk – 78,2 mln dollars
CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk made ​​the first million through PayPal payment platform development and the success of his fame only grew.